Affordable Autumn/Winter Basics Haul

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Hello and welcome! This post is an Affordable Autumn/Winter Basics Haul related to my video posted here. The items featured are all linked below. They were all purchased on sale for less than the prices mentioned in the video. This time of year is a great time to stock up on basics that you will wear for the rest of the cold weather and into the spring. As you will see below, I picked up a pair of essential black ankle booties, beautifully feminine bralettes, comfortable black jeans and a couple of light sweaters. All of the items are easy to pair together or with other items to create effortless and chic outfits that give you confidence.

Remember all of the items are on sale currently, as of this post, and they are great options when it comes to layering and staying warm this season! Check out my Instagram if you are interested in seeing how they are styled in the coming weeks. Thank you for stopping by! What awesome deals have you stumbled upon for this season?

Naturalizer Booties

Affordable Autumn/Winter Basics Haul Naturalizer Booties

These versatile black booties are the perfect staple for every cold season. As a bonus, they are stylish and chic year after year. They are so easy to throw on with any outfit and make everything you pair them with look amazing!

Aerie Bralette

Affordable Autumn/Winter Basics Haul Aerie Bralettes

These bralettes are some of the best I have tried. They are lacy and feminine, making them ideal for peaking out of your tops. One of the most wonderful features of these bralettes is that they are adjustable. You can make them fit you perfectly.

Old Navy Socks

Affordable Autumn/Winter Basics Haul Old Navy Socks

These socks are both bright, to cheer you up on those dreary winter days, and soft to provide you cozy comfort as you curl up in them at home.

Old Navy Jeans

Rockstar jeans are good for everyday wear. They are comfortable because of the slight stretch they have. They are also available in different rises so you can find a pair that meets your standards!

Old Navy Sweaters

These Old Navy sweaters are comfortable and available in many colour and pattern options. They are somewhat fitted, but great to tuck into higher waisted pants. They are awesome to layer and keep warm on colder days.


The items featured in this Affordable Autumn/Winter Basics Haul are each reasonably priced and easy to throw on at a moments notice. I hope you check them out if you are in need of some reliable basics. If you enjoy posts about style, check out our other posts here.

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