Awesome Belly Button Ring Trio

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Hi everyone and welcome or welcome back if you have been here before! Very quickly, I want to apologize for the delay between posts. Nick and I have been working on another exciting venture. The past few weeks we have put all of our spare time into it and we should see it come to fruition in the near future. More about that later. For now, I wanted to stop in and share an awesome belly button ring trio that I discovered recently.

Awesome Belly Button Ring Trio: The Quest

I often wonder if anyone else with a belly button piercing has this issue, or if I am all alone out here in the cold. Here it is. I am in a very important work meeting in Toronto (remember I live an hour away from there so this is a special occasion). My boss, my colleague and I leave our meeting and head into the restrooms before making the trip back home. As I stand there, waiting for my colleague, I feel something poking me through my grey sweater. I think to myself how lucky it is that I am in the restroom and no one is around. I frantically search for the source of the strange poking and discover that the ball of my belly button ring has once again mysteriously disappeared and left the bar with only one option: stab me until I take it out. Of course I do not have spare balls to swiftly fasten it back in place. I do make a mental note that I should add some to the kit of useful stuff I have been meaning to put together for years. But alas, I am belly-button-ring-less.

Awesome Belly Button Ring Trio: Quality and Style

A few weeks pass and about once a day I remember that I need to order more. In those moments, I am never home or free to find any. After some panic one night between dreams, I realize it is probably on its way to growing in, I jump up and begin the search on my phone.

One thing I love about Amazon: It is so easy. After a small search, I came across this inexpensive little trio of rose gold surgical steel rings. They are so beautiful and the quality is great. I purchased them, thinking at the very least they could get me by for a little while until I found more permanent ones (well as permanent as a belly button ring can be). They arrived at my door within a couple of days and no I didn’t use Prime. That is on Nick’s account. When I opened the rings, I was impressed with the quality and style of them. It has been over a month now (probably closer to 2). The one I have in has not loosened at all and in my opinion, it looks stunning in its simplicity. They also come in gold and silver if rose gold is not your thing.

Awesome Belly Button Ring Trio: Affordable

One of the deciding factors of this purchase was the price. The set of 3 cost $11.99CAD. That is about $4 a piece. Up here in Canada, we almost never find anything for that price. After receiving these rings, I am so happy with how they look and that the one I have in has stayed in place so well that I would happily repurchase them again if/when the fateful day comes when I once again lose all of the balls.

If you find yourself in the same predicament I am always in, these are such a good choice. The value for money is obviously there before you even make the purchase, but they have a 4 out of 5 star rating and mine arrived in perfect condition with a little felt bag in which to store them.

Have you tried out that new style of naval ring? Do you have other suggestions of well-made and inexpensive ones to try out for those of us that end up in this situation fairly often? Hope you are enjoying your day and let me know if you try this little set out!

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