Beautifully Customized Handmade Quilts as Gifts

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Beautifully Customized Handmade Quilts are some of the most personal and well-appreciated gifts you can give. They are wonderful for baby showers, weddings, grandparents, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and thank you gifts. The occasions where such gifts are appreciated are endless. One of the great inherent features of receiving a quilt is that it is personal to the recipient and the situation.

Beautifully Customized Handmade Quilts: Endless Personalization Possibilities

Have you ever considered how many final quilt outcomes are available? They are truly a one of a kind gift. You can walk into a fabric store with an idea and you will see the options are endless. If you are searching for a gift for someone who loves purple, unicorns, and farm equipment, you can undoubtedly create a gift that they will appreciate more than you can even comprehend. One of the most difficult, and exciting parts of the quilting process is the initial planning process.

If you consider all of the fabrics available, the patterns you might like to follow, and what type of backing you want to use, you can make a quilt in such a way that no one else might think. You can opt to use your imagination. This allows the finished product to be the focal point of the room in which it sits. You can bring anything imaginable to life.

Beautifully Customized Handmade Quilts: Allowing Patterned Fabrics to Guide You

If you are new to quilting, making multiple gifts at once or focusing on mastering a specific technique, there are numerous fabric options that help guide you in one direction or another. In these situations, where you find one beautifully printed fabric for the focal point, you still get to make decisions to shape the final product.

In this example, the bright safari animals were the complete focus point. They were the inspiration. The young man we made this one for loves animals and has a unique gift of knowing a great deal about them. This stand-out fabric in the larger print actually inspired us to make quilts for Nick’s two young nephews last minute this Christmas. We played with different options for composing the quilt and are quite content with how this one turned out. The print really makes this one, but it is still unique because of its composition, the quilting techniques we used, and the fleece and labels we added to the back for warmth. Quilts are so snuggly warm, aren’t they?

 Beautifully Customized Handmade Quilts: Sentimental Value

On top of being warm, snuggly, unique and personal, quilts often hold sentimental value. This simple grey, black, white and red quilt below was crafted with Nick’s family in mind. They moved to Canada from England approximately 17 years ago and aside from return visits once in a while to be with their family and friends, they made Canada home. The fabric in the quilt squares on the front are reminiscent of England. The fleece on the back has embossed maple leaves and a custom label. This quilt could be completed in multiple ways with the different fabrics available. It can easily be more complicated with different block shapes as well.

While quilting is often time-consuming, the final product is always worth the time. The thought behind choosing specific fabrics and block patterns on its own is wonderful. In addition to that, people receiving the quilts as gifts tend to understand the work you put into it. As mentioned above, there are endless possibilities for finished projects. Quilting is also a craft. You can make very simple ones to very complicated ones. Because of the variety of fabrics available and personal nature, all of the final products are stunning and unique.

I have been making quilts for years, both as gifts and as commissioned by people who do not have time or desire to make them on their own. Every time I make a new one, I am in love!

Have you ever given a quilt as a gift? What did it look like? Did you design it? What sort of quilt would you love to have on your couch or over the end of your bed? If you enjoy giving handmade gifts, please visit our Instant Pot Applesauce post here. We are working on starting up an Etsy shop to offer both pre-made and custom quilts at this link. If have an interest in them, please reach out via email or in the comments section and we can make something happen!

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