Beyond Meat Burger is Back at A&W!!!

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In case you do not believe it and think I typed that by accident, let me say it again. The Beyond Meat Burger is back at A&W in Canada! If you missed the previous post on this blog all about this fast food plant-based burger, you can find it here.

The Initial Launch

To give you a bit of background, Beyond Meat is a company based in California that produces plant-based alternatives to your much more common meat products. You can find this brand in American grocery stores, but not in Canada until this past July. Around July 10th this year, A&W began to offer this plant-based protein burger on their menu across Canada. Both curious meat eaters and people who don’t eat meat have written rave reviews. By August, A&W locations were starting to run out of the burger. Beyond Meat Burger is back: fries and Beyond meat burgers on A&W tray

The Disappearance

At first, we were told they said it will be available again in a couple of weeks. When checking in after a couple of weeks, we were told the end of the month. Nick called one of the locations in September to investigate and was told they weren’t sure when they would be back. The demand was so high they were struggling to get more in a timely manner. Last week we saw that they would be back by October 1st and we are ecstatic to report that they Beyond Meat Burger is Back! At least in locations around Waterloo Region in Ontario. I imagine that means most locations have them available again.

Beyond Meat Burger is back: Close-up of beyond meat burger in packaging


The general reaction to these burgers disappearing from stores was positive. People kept saying it was great that the burger launch was even more successful than expected. I assume there are lots of you that, like us, are ecstatic that the Beyond Meat Burger is Back.

Beyond Meat Burger is backL Burger and fries in A&W take out bagIf you enjoy A&W and haven’t had the opportunity to try this burger, they come highly recommended by me and many others. They taste similar to a traditional burger but contain no meat. The delicious pile of A&W toppings only helps them taste even more like a burger because of all the flavours you already associate with such a meal. My previous post gives a more detailed review and talks about the ingredients. I just wanted to let you know that these delicious burgers are back and as wonderful as ever.

Have you tried this burger? If so, please let us know what you thought!

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