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Hello and welcome (or welcome back if you are returning)!

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for stopping by. This post means it is again time for another Boxycharm post. I live in Canada and this post is about what the experience is like for someone who receives the box up here. It takes about one to two weeks for the box to arrive after the shipping email is sent and it this month with the exchange rate it cost $34.62CAD. For anyone living in the States the box is $21USD a month and shipping is included. Even though it is more expensive here the overall value of the products you receive is also higher because each product is worth more at retail price.

I notice that often when I receive these boxes there is usually at least one product that is valued above the price I paid for the entire box. If you don’t know what Boxycharm is and you love beauty products, this box is definitely worth considering. You receive four to five (and once in a while six) full sized items in the box and the total value of the items you receive is more than $100USD ($129 CAD). The waitlist is currently lifted for new subscribers so if you were to subscribe today you would receive the June box.

Alamar Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette:

This palette retails for $28USD ($36.23CAD) and contains 8 eyeshadows. Half of the shadows are matte and the other half are metallic. The metallic shades are most effective when applied with a wet brush. The shadows are beautiful bright colours and very pigmented.

They are perfect for the summer or to take with you on a tropical vacation! This palette is made in the USA and cruelty-free.

Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Cream: This is one of the rare times that the box contained a product I already use daily.

I love this stuff!!! I cannot rave about it enough.

It is extremely moisturizing on the skin and leaves a bit of a shimmer behind, which is great, but the part I cannot get past is the scent. It is one that lingers for a few hours in case you are someone that scent bothers. If that is the case you might not love this product. It makes your legs look amazing when you are out in natural light and I can only imagine how it would look on you if you actually have a tan. It also claims to visibly tighten the appearance of skin, which is definitely something that is difficult to confirm. But I love everything about this cream already (except the price). The 25ml size, which was sent out in the boxes, retails for $10USD ($12.94CAD). The 8.1oz size, which I usually order when Sephora has its VIB sale retails for $57CAD. This miniature size is perfect to keep in a handbag for emergencies.

Battington Monroe Silk Lashes:

I don’t often wear lashes, but have received them a couple of times from Boxycharm and appreciate them. It is great to have a pair to put on when you are heading out for a fancy adventure even if you don’t wear them daily. Having a couple of pairs in your stash for emergencies is a great way to go. These ones retail for $28USD ($36.23CAD). They are meant to mimic the growth structure of your natural lashes for a more natural appearance. They are also multi-use (yay!!). To keep them in good condition, you should not sleep in them or leave them where they might get dusty or dirty and you should not shower in them. Because there is so long between days of me wearing fake lashes, I tend to keep them in their cases so they don’t get lost or ruined. The Battington site says you can wear a pair of their lashes up to 25 times. They are handmade from silk.


Luxie Face Brushes:


Boxycharm also sent three synthetic face brushes from Luxie. Luxie is a cruelty-free brand. All of the brushes are very soft and wonderful for sensitive skin. The Luxie Precision foundation 660 brush claims to give an airbrushed finish to your foundation. It retails for $23.28USD ($30.12CAD). The Luxie tapered highlighting Face Brush 522 is recommended for highlighting or setting your under-eye makeup. It retails for $31.04USD ($40.16CAD). The Luxie Duo Fibre Powder brush 516 is recommended for use with any cream or powder face products. It retails for $28.47USD ($36.84CAD).

Jonteblu Waterproof Eyeliner in Dark Brown: This eyeliner is very pigmented, vegan, long-lasting and my favourite shade of eyeliner: brown! It is one you can sharpen and is inexpensive as well. The eyeliner retails for $5USD ($6.59CAD). It is a new brand to me and I have been more than happy to try it out. Receiving brands you otherwise wouldn’t have tried is my favourite thing about this box (aside from the surprise of it).

Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Verona: This liquid lipstick retails for $21USD ($27.69CAD). I am sure most of you have tried Ofra Liquid Lipsticks in the past so you likely already know the formula. They are definitely long lasting and fairly comfortable to wear. They typically do not dry down completely.

This colour is neutral-brown, which works great any time of year no lip liner needed and there is a slight pleasant vanilla scent when you first apply it, but it dissipates after a very short amount of time. Boxycharm sends out Ofra cosmetics products fairly often. This is awesome for those of us in Canada who do have easy access to their products.

What did you receive in your box this month? How do you feel about receiving brushes in subscription boxes?

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