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Happy Sunday Everyone!!!
I wanted to share a deal that is on for some beautiful spring/summer shoes. Call it Spring has a great deal on its sandals currently. I am not sure how much longer it will be on, but if you are in the market for some sandals Spring is a good place to check out. All of their sandals are $35CAD at the moment. And they have some beautiful options. There are a number of flats, slides, slip-ons and some heels. They have a selection of 1.5″-2.5″ heels (they call them low-mid on their site), which I usually select when heels are involved and an even larger selection of 4″ heels (they call them high on their site).

The shoes have been on sale for a couple of weeks now (I think), but the first couple of promotional emails I received from them were deleted because I was like “I am going to be all strong-willed this time and I don’t need more shoes.” One of my friends mentioned she purchased seven pairs from them and then when they emailed again I was like “yeah okay. Lets see what they have.” It is true that persistence pays off.

I ordered two pairs of very summery shoes. In my opinio,n they are some of the best styles we can have heading into summer. There are so many beautiful options on their website to choose from and the reason I opted for the ones I did is because they are different from any other pairs I already have. They are very minimalistic. I love how they have a thin strap across the tops of the toes and an ankle strap. I have bunions (sorry if it is too much info), so as beautiful as I always thought this style of sandal is I avoided purchasing some for myself. Until these ones arrived I had never tried a pair on. I was missing out! I thought my crooked toes would be on display in these shoes, but am very thankful they don’t distract from the beauty of the shoe.

It looks like this company only ships to addresses within Canada and the USA. They offer free shipping on orders over $60 and charge $5 standard shipping on anything less than $60 in Canada. I find when I order from Call it Spring the merchandise arrives within 2 business days. I either have it the day after ordering or within two days. Please keep in mind I live less than an hour from Toronto so things tend to arrive here quickly. I wish that Spring shipped internationally, but they do seem to have shoe stores located in other countries as well. You can find the list here. Another option to get your feet in a pair of these shoes is to check out the Aldo site/stores. From what I have read I think they are owned by the same parent company and tend to have similar styles (though Spring is generally a bit more affordable). It looks like Aldo might be more accessible depending on where in the world you live. A similar pair from the Aldo site is the Villarosa. Aldo has a deal on right now where if you buy one pair of shoes you will get your second pair for 40% off. They offer free shipping on orders over $70.

I ordered one of the low-mid heel styles and one of the high heeled styles. Both are very similar styles with chunky heels and thin straps and I LOVE THEM. Sorry about the yelling. The excitement overcame me. The chunky heels are so comfortable. I am not one to wear shoes that cause my feet to hurt and these ones are perfect for someone looking for an elegant yet comfortable shoe this spring/summer.

This pale pink colour with the short heel is microsuede fabric (perfect for anyone who is avoiding leather products). They are called Borewiel on the Call it Spring site. They are very comfortable to wear for hours on end. A few of the reviews said that the ankle strap didn’t fit their ankles properly so that is something to keep in mind with them, but I didn’t have that issue. They are just comfortable and girly. I am sure I will have a very difficult time wearing other shoes on a daily basis now. They are beautiful and perfect for daytime adventures. As for sizing, I am usually an 8 or an 8 and a half. I ordered an 8.5 and they are a little bit long on my feet, but the width fits well. My feet are often too wide for shoes. These ones are regularly priced at $49.99CAD so getting them for $35 is a bargain even if you wear them so much this summer they need to be replaced for next year.

This beautiful pair of pale blue Loreg shoes are much taller and I think I will end up saving them for fancier occasions or days where I need to feel extra good. They are also regularly priced at $49.99CAD. They have better reviews than the Borewiel style above, but I think they are pretty similar. The only difference I really notice is the heel height. Both styles come in a wide range of colours/patterns and make your feet feel elegant the second they are buckled. Once I put these on my feet I did not want to take them off again. They have a rubber sole, which is always nice when it comes to walking around and not slipping everywhere. I ordered an 8.5 in this taller style and they fit much the same way as the shorter style. A size 8 would probably have fit more snug, but these ones work pretty well and there are definitely no issues with comfort. I did want to order a pair with stones on them, but noticed a review said that as much as they loved the pair they ordered one of the stones fell off so that is why I stuck with the simple microsuede style. I am actually glad it was this pair I ordered though because without the stones on them they are even more versatile, which I am always a huge fan of.  

Have you found any great deals for the new seasons? What have you found that you would like to share with the world? I know we have all been keeping our eyes peeled for great new styles heading in to the warmer weather here.
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