Can we just take a moment to appreciate our sisters… and hand-me-downs?

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Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to take a break from the week, say hi to you all and take a moment to appreciate our sisters. If you are a sister, thank you. If you have sisters or brothers, maybe you want to share some things you appreciate about them? There are countless reasons for me to be grateful since I have had three sisters for the better part of my years on this earth. It’s been 32 years of small unnecessary squabbles and having massive help throughout any troubles. If something comes up, I always know my sisters will be by my side guiding me through this crazy maze we call life.

They have come to rescue me during many a car break-down or stuck in the snow situation, burst pipes in the basement, moves, long drives to Kingston for University, sick days, putting toboggans away in the freezing cold winter, searching for lost dogs, feeding baby lambs in the middle of long winter nights before school, and obviously a handful of break-ups. They are also always willing to take adventures with me, explore, and support every crazy idea that comes along. How could one not love sisters like that? This past weekend my younger one came to the beach Friday evening and took us on a short road trip with her to explore in Toronto Saturday. These are just regular weekend things that mean the world to me when I get to spend the time with my sisters. She also dropped some hand-me-downs off at my house so I was the lucky winner of lots of new clothes without having to spend a penny. This is a regular occurrence from my sisters around here. Yes, I am a 32-year-old who still loves hand-me-downs. Okay perhaps I haven’t always loved them, but I sure love them now.


I love to wear outfits that feel new and refreshing, without needing to purchase new clothing constantly. It’s wonderful that there are companies popping up that allow you to rent clothes and send them back for someone else to rent. I may not ever end up using one of those companies, but I love that there are people out there using them. When you get to share clothes with other people, you can refresh your wardrobe regularly without wasting money or using unnecessary resources. Trading clothes back and forth with my sisters over the years has been a wonderful way of keeping things fresh and always having options without breaking the bank. This is one thing I know most parents are quite aware of.

Within the bags of apparel my sister dropped off this weekend, I discovered numerous dresses, beautiful soft tops, a couple of pairs of overalls and even a romper! The beautiful maxidress above is from a brand called Jaase and from what I can find out doing a quick google search, it looks like they are an Austrailian brand known for beautiful maxis and their bohemian style. This halterneck version with back detail is called the Endless Summer from what I can find online and it looks like the Shanara print is on sale currently for $50AUD (it is a different print than the one I am wearing). They do have a number of beautiful options online. It does have a slit in the front as well, which I don’t think you can see in my photos. Also speaking of sisters, one of my other ones made and gave me the beautiful Pearl earrings that are paired with the maxi. 

The floral-print top in the images above is from Dynamite, which always has a number of dressy (and very soft) options. You can count on them to have pieces that make you feel good while wearing them. Aren’t sisters wonderful? Sister, if you read this, I am looking forward to styling every one of the pieces you sent over!

This beautiful nature-inspired outfit is also courtesy of my sister, although the pieces have lived in my closet for at least a couple of years. This top is so comfortable and easy to throw on with any bottoms and it has lived with me for at least six years (yes..  I’ve loved a hand-me-down shirt for that long). I know this because if you look really closely at the chest area you can see tiny orange paint splatters from when I painted the dining room wall orange. Anyway, the shirt is light, flowy and attracts tons of compliments. It is perfect to throw on with a casual top since the skirt is such a stunner. It is from Tommy Hilfiger, though again it is older so I doubt they have this exact one in stock. It turns out that this old t-shirt I love so much is an Old Navy basic.

Thank you to every person who has ever looked out for a family member and helped make their life easier. My Dad used to tell me that friends would come and go throughout life and family would always be there. At the time I don’t think I realized the truth in his words, but after a few more years on this planet I completely get it and am so thankful for everyone in my life.

If you are reading this, I would love if you could take a minute and share some things you are grateful for. I would love to read stories about people who have supported you or helped be a positive influence in your life. I hope the rest of your week is wonderful and there will be another post up on the weekend as usual!

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