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Recently, I purchased a new pair of glasses from and wanted to share the experience with you in case you are looking for a new pair or so you can keep them in mind for when you do need to pick some up. This Glasses experience and Review has a bit of a backstory. Nick and I went to the optometrist 6 months ago because My eyes were strained, tired and sore after working on the computer for hours on end. I found myself leaning into my laptop screen to see text and numbers on numerous occasions and when I mentioned it, Nick said he was struggling a bit too and we booked appointments.

It turns out Nick needs some sort of light prescription for everyday tasks and they gave me a prescription for reading glasses. We ordered them in a store and it took a couple of weeks for them to arrive. The glasses are beautiful and Nick’s work great for him. Mine fit well and work great, but they are too strong and when I look away from whatever I am working on, there is instant dizziness and a headache. After some months of working with them and doing extensive research on blue light from digital screens, I decided to try out some digital protection lenses.

box that glasses arrived in Glasses Experience and Review: Why I tried them

My little sister recommended Clearly when we were all visiting the farm a few weekends ago.  She said she ordered her prescription glasses and they arrived in Ontario from BC within a couple of days. For anyone that is not from here, that is very quick shipping time. My experience was more closely aligned with what you would expect when you order some glasses from across the country.


Shipping Experience

I ordered the glasses October 1st and I received a notification that they had shipped on October 10th. It was exactly a day after I started to worry they were not coming because for just over a week since ordering them, I had heard nothing. It might be important to note that there was also a holiday included in the wait time. Regardless, they arrived within a couple of days of shipment and they were worth the wait. The glasses also took even less time to arrive than the glasses Nick and I ordered in a store in the spring. glasses in packaging and soft glasses on soft case.

I was quite happy with the experience that offered. The glasses arrived about when you would expect them to and they are in great condition.


The site has a 40% discount for any new customers and also has a buy one get one deal going on now, similar to a lot of other glasses retailers. They also offer a number of designer brands. Ordering online was very easy. Once you decide which frames you like, you can enter your prescription information and choose the type of lenses you are looking for. One part that was interesting for me was anticipating what the glasses would actually look like once they arrived. Because I had spent so much time trying glasses on in store a few months before, I already had an idea what I was looking for. These glasses are the Kam Dhillon Claudia in white tortoise-shell. The tortoise-shell frames also stole my heart.

Kam Dhillon Glasses sitting on white table Glasses Experience and Review: Comfort and Style

These glasses are very comfortable to wear and it really does seem like they make sitting in front of screens for hours on end much easier on my eyes. They have a unique colour and are exactly the shape I was looking for. Glasses Experience and Review Grey background with glasses on is also a great site to use if you are looking to take advantage of your insurance to help cover the cost of your new glasses. You just need to send your insurance company your receipt it sounds like, although I already used my insurance coverage on the reading glasses in the spring so I cannot say how easy the process is for sure. Glasses Experience and Review Try On Glasses Experience and Review Wearing the Claudia White Tortoise shell glasses in my everyday lifeIf it is anything like the rest of the process of receiving these glasses, I cannot imagine it will be difficult. Glasses Experience and Review wearing Glasses in everyday life

Overall Satisfaction

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with how ordering went and the user-friendly nature of This Glasses experience and Review has been a positive one. I am extremely happy with the product and am very certain that when it comes time for a new pair of glasses, will be somewhere I look.

Have you ordered glasses online before? What was your experience like? Were you content with the end result? I love that Clearly is a Canadian company and the glasses they offer are affordable too.

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