Cozy Autumn Sweater Find

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Do you find yourself wandering around stores feeling warm-looking knits and trying to imagine which ones would fit your style, wash well, and just maybe hold its perfect shape for more than one year? Are you always on the search for the perfect cozy autumn sweater?

Do you stare at price tags while browsing online and longingly remember that red and white sweater with Scottie dogs around the collar that your grandmother lovingly knit for you and you proudly wore everywhere when you were a kid? Okay, that last one is mighty specific. And very true to my personal style when I was a toddler. If a sweater existed that made me feel the way that one did, I would snatch it up instantly (and never take it off).

Autumn Shopping

A couple of weeks ago, my little sister and I went shopping for some Autumn essentials. When we wandered into H&M, I found my mind working overtime to justify wearing nearly all of the sweaters they have (even if at one time). Thankfully, I have some willpower and bills to pay and left the store with only this beautifully crafted, heavenly feeling cozy autumn sweater and an impossible to leave behind the avocado top. More on the Avocado top in another post though. If you enjoy style posts, this one about a piece to help you effortlessly pull of the animal trend might be appealing.

Grey cozy Autumn sweater styled with jeans, black ankle boots and bralette

Design and Fit

This post is dedicated to a different sweater love: the simple grey off the shoulder… or cowl neck top, depending on the occasion. This is a sweater that will take you from Fall to Spring. You can style it with pretty much any outfit from professional to casual-cozy to an evening out. Versatile is the best apparel design. This cozy autumn sweater is definitely oversized. I purchased an extra small when I would usually go for a small or medium, depending on the article of clothing. It is still comfortably big. The fabric that folds over around the neckline makes the sweater extremely cozy, without being restrictive. Does anyone else have a tough time sporting a full tight to the neck turtleneck? This sweater is also available in at least two other colours: oatmeal and a darker shade of grey.


Grey cozy Autumn sweater worn with jeans and bralette

Colour Options

I loved both of the other options when my sister pointed them out in store. The light grey fits my personal wardrobe best. It is reminiscent of a dreary fall day. Yes, I am one of those people who sometimes love a grey sky. I don’t even mind looking like a cloud once in a while. I wear this sweater with a black lacy bralette from Aerie. The bralette is very comfortable and well-made. If you are in the market for one, check Aerie. This is the only one I have from there, and sadly I have abandoned my other bralettes from other places.

Grey cozy Autumn sweater styled as part of an outfit outside in the rain

Fabric and Wash

The sweater is 52% Acrylic, 27% Polyamide, 12% Polyester, 6% Elastane, and 3% Wool. It retails for just under $30 CAD. The sleeves are wide and have a bit of a tighter cuff at the bottom. You do need to be cognizant of how you wash it though. The sweater needs to be washed with minimal detergent and laid flat to dry (no tumble drying here). The fabric is so soft that it might stretch out, lose its shape or just shrink in the dryer.

Have you found your perfect sweater for Fall yet? If not, check out the beautiful selection H&M has to offer!

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