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As the title of this post suggests, I am doing a review of Cynosure Designs. They reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked if I would like to try their apparel and they gave me an affiliate code for you to use if you want 15% off your order with them. Of course I said yes so if you enter code CAROLYN in the discount code box before you check out you will save some money. If you decide to use the code, I will receive a small commission from the company. Regardless of whether you use the code or not, I would still like to recommend you check them out.

Cynosure Designs is a clothing company based in Toronto, Ontario. They have an interesting story posted on their site about how the company began. The clothing and accessory designs sold on this site are very attractive. The pictures pull you in and like their goal says when they started the company they wanted to offer people something a bit different than you would find every day in stores. The prices are reasonable, but not so inexpensive that you automatically question the authenticity of the site. From scrolling through the images, I found a number of items I would happily try. The site has a sizing chart, so I would recommend using it to determine your correct size. You also get free shipping if you decide to order from them (always a big bonus in my mind).

Between the time of ordering the items, and when they arrived, approximately two weeks passed. I had some trouble deciding between the small and medium size for the romper I ordered even after doing measurements because you just don’t know how a garment will fit, but after trying it on, I think either size would have worked out meaning it fits pretty true to size. I ended up ordering the small even though I was concerned about the length because I did not think it would look right or be wearable if it was too big. Going with a small when I don’t know how the clothing measures up to averages sizes always makes me nervous, but in this case, it mostly worked out.

I think if I was to order it again, I would have chosen the medium simply because there would be more fabric at the top so it would fit a bit better. The button that holds the top together at the back fell off, but I think that was more due to me squeezing into the small than the quality of the garment since everything else about the piece is beautifully made and the top of the romper fits very snuggly. I will just sew the button back on. One thing I notice is that it is still quite wearable and comfortable even when it is missing the button. I do use tape to ensure there aren’t any mishaps while exploring the town in this romper as well.

The piece of clothing I ordered is the V Neck Halter Strap Romper. It retails for $39.95USD and all of the reviews on the site for this item are positive. The only thing I wish that was included in the reviews were people’s heights so we could get an idea how the romper might fit different heights. I am 5’8″ in case you are wondering and it is long enough for me currently, but I wouldn’t want to risk shrinking it. I also with the site had a list the fabric each item is made of.

I found perfect jewelry to match the plunging neckline on the Cynosure Designs site so I ordered that as well. I love the length of the necklace and the pendants on it are bohemian like the romper and so on trend right now.

The minimal packaging in which the products arrived was perfect. The necklace was shipped in the little envelope below and was packaged in such a way that it did not tangle during shipment.

I am in love with the pieces I ordered and will happily order from Cynosure Designs again! The selection on their website isn’t overwhelming so it is easy to find pieces you are looking for without spending hours searching. The clothing they offer is unique, reasonably priced, and of good quality. We had a heatwave and an outdoor music festival as I was waiting for this romper to arrive and I was regretful that I didn’t already have it in my closet. It would have been perfect to wear to a music festival in the heat! Will you try out Cynosure Designs and if so what are you looking at purchasing? I would like to see pictures of what you decide to order from them too if you feel like sharing!

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