Douglas: The Very Canadian Mattress

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I thought we should all take a moment out of our very hectic lives to talk about something very important: sleep. I, for one, can sleep anywhere. On an air mattress, a couch, the floor, outside on the ground. For 18 months as I transitioned from university to a career of my own, I slept on a very broken air mattress. By the time I gave it up, it was no longer flat. One half of it was about a foot taller than the other half. I know. It sounds like a dream: the ability to fall asleep anywhere. I am not really boasting about this. I have been tired for years. Often, I wonder if my mattress is the cause. Well, that and the 2 large dogs that truly believe the mattress is theirs. Finally, this year, Nick and I decided to get a new mattress. Today I ordered Douglas: The Very Canadian Mattress.

Ordering Douglas: The Very Canadian Mattress

I will do a follow up post once we receive it as well as an unboxing and photos on Instagram, but we are so excited about this purchase that I could not wait to share it. Though we just ordered it today, it has been at least weeks of research to come to this decision. We considered different mattress options. Below, I share some of the reasons we decided to go with the Douglas over any other boxed options out there. You will also find a discount link if you have been considering this mattress as an option for your home.

Yesterday, while browsing at Ikea, we picked up a beautiful new king size bed frame for about $300 CAD (taxes in). The reviews online don’t look amazing, but we have the same one (a double) in one of our spare rooms and my parents have a couple that are at least 10 years old and have held up very well. Anyway back to the mattress. Apologies for the tangent.

Douglas: The Very Canadian Mattress and the environment

Initially, when we started the mattress search, we planned for a foam one that came in a box. The entire reason for this is our narrow stairs. A king size mattress would be nearly impossible to navigate up to our bedroom. We considered an Ikea mattress, but then started looking into Casper and Endy. You hear about Casper a great deal. It is made outside Canada. We researched Canadian counterparts. Endy looked good, but after a bit more digging online, Nick found the Douglas. It was new to me. Basically, it is more environmentally friendly than other mattresses. Since Nick and I are trying to be more environmentally conscious, we became intrigued.

The Douglas mattress has 50% less of a carbon footprint than other mattresses. It uses what they call ecolight foam, which is designed to be durable like other more common foams, but use less carbon. It also uses renewable materials. The cover it comes with is made with eucalyptus, which has nearly no waste while processing. Another thing we loved about the Douglas is that the cover can be tossed in the washing machine along with the pillow covers so that you do not need to keep replacing them. The pillows are also made with scraps left over from mattress production, which is awesome.

The Douglas mattress is also created using 90% renewable (wind, solar, hydro) energy. They use more fuel-efficient vehicles to deliver your order, and they also use recycled ink on their packaging.

Douglas: The Very Canadian Mattress say they know comfort

This mattress, is similar in height (thickness) to other well-known foam mattresses. It is 10″ thick and has three different foam layers to provide optimum comfort. The top layer is 2″ of cooling gel to help regulate your temperature while you sleep. Below it, you will find 2″ of premium elastix foam to support your body. This is an alternative to latex foams you will find in many mattresses. The bottom layer is 6″ of motion isolation support foam, which is perfect if, like me, you have two large dogs moving around all night next to you. It will obviously also help if your partner tends to roll around in their sleep.

Douglas: The Very Canadian Mattress Cost and Discount Link

With this link, you can get a discount on a Douglas mattress. I have yet to try mine, but wanted you to be able to get a head start if you are thinking about picking up a new mattress for a better night’s sleep and more productive days! Douglas offers a 120 night sleep trial along with free returns if the mattress does not work for you. It is said to be ideal for all types of sleep positions. I, personally, enjoy sleeping on my side. I am looking forward to a mattress that does not cause hip pain from staying in that position too long. One other awesome thing about Douglas is their 15 year warranty. I know you are lucky to find a 10 year warranty with most mattress companies. Usually for that you would need to pay extra.

Once we receive our Douglas, I will definitely post again to give you a quick review and some photos. They make each one to order so I imagine we might see it sometime near the end of this week or early next week. Until then, all the best!

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