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Enjoy Coffeeshop Style Coffee at Home

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Are you in the habit of hopping in your car daily just to drive down the road and get your coffee fix? Maybe you roll out of bed, throw some clothes on to look presentable and all you can think about is heading to your neighbourhood coffeeshop before you can start your day. That was me before Nick gave me an espresso maker last year. I had a regular coffee maker, but did not use it as often as I should. It was just not the same. In this post, I will share all of the key ingredients I now use to enjoy coffeeshop style coffee at home.

I also talk about why this is an important habit to break. This is not to say Nick and I don’t still stop for coffee while we are out and about. We actually still stop in fairly frequently. It is, however, no longer just a habit we mindlessly do everyday.

Ingredients to Enjoy Coffeeshop Style Coffee at Home

The ingredients we keep on hand to enjoy coffee the way we like it can be found on Amazon as well as many places that sell coffee products. The ones we use are are as follows:

  1. Syrup and Flavours. These are important if you enjoy a little sweetness in your coffee and want to have customizable options. So many options exist. Of the ones I have tried, the cookie dough one is probably my favourite. The flavour truly tastes the way I expected. We also usually keep either English Toffee or French Vanilla in stock. One of the best hot drinks from coffee shops is peppermint mocha so we have chocolate syrup and peppermint on hand too. With these options, you can experiment on the recipes you use.
  2. Espresso or coffee. For this, we have used anything from grocery store coffee to espresso and coffee from local shops. This way we get to continue supporting local shops, without the need to go out everyday specifically to pick up a hot drink. I am sure you already know a good variety to choose and what you like. Because everyone’s tastes are different, I won’t give any specific suggestions on this.
  3. Milk. Most of the coffee-drinks I enjoy are lattes. They usually involve some sort of milk. While I do still drink dairy milk in my coffee depending on what we have here. When I can, though, my favourite kind of milk to use is an unsweetened Vanilla flavoured Almond milk from Earth’s Own. You can likely find it at a grocery store near you if you live in Canada.
  4. Whipped Cream. Sometimes. I like to have it when I grab a brew to go, but this is one of those cases, where I cut some calories out by saving the whipped cream for special occasions. There is also a good coconut based alternative by Gay Lea in Canadian grocery stores.

Tools to Enjoy Coffeeshop Style Coffee at Home

We use an espresso maker to get coffee the way we enjoy it, but depending what kind of coffee drinks you enjoy, you can make different coffee makers work. We also use a basic coffee grinder that we picked up from our local grocery store. It works similar to this one. There is also a travel mug by Contigo in the above photo. I use this one daily. These things are so good! They keep your drink hot or cold for hours and last a long time!

Why we Enjoy Coffeeshop Style Coffee at Home

  1. Health. When you make coffee how you like it, you have complete control over what goes in it. I actually put less syrup in it than many coffee-shop recipes. Of course coffeeshop drinks are customizable as well. However, the number of pumps of syrup was not something I ever customized before making it myself.
  2. Sustainability and the Environment. We talk a great deal about small changes that can make your lifestyle more environmentally friendly. If you eliminate a daily drive down the road just for coffee, you eliminate those emissions. On top of that, when you enjoy coffee at home, you will be more likely to use reusable cups. This automatically creates less waste.
  3. Convenience. As long as you keep your coffee, syrup and milk stash stocked, you have access to coffee the way you like it. It is perfect any time of day or night without leaving home.
  4. Time: Our time is precious. The less time you spend fetching coffee, the more time you have for other things you love. When you have a way to make coffee as delicious as the place down the road, you don’t need to spend extra time heading up to that location. There is no time spent waiting in line and heading back just to enjoy the morning your favourite way. This leads into number 2.
  5. You can enjoy it while it is still hot. With travel time eliminated from your daily coffee expedition, there is no wait time before you can drink it. It will always be hot when you take your first sip if you make it yourself.

Enjoy Coffeeshop Style Coffee at Home: Overall thoughts

You will already have most of these items on hand. The biggest thing for us was the espresso machine. You can still use the syrups with numerous other coffee machines you might already own. One last bonus is obviously cost-effectiveness. One of those bottles linked above lasts at least a month. It costs the same as 2 drinks from most coffee shops. I love to visit coffeeshops to work and for purposeful enjoyment. They are also convenient if you are away from home. One thing I learned from this change is that I was a creature of habit when it came to my coffee habits.

Do you like to make coffee at home? Or maybe you see more benefit in heading out daily for your brew? What suggestions do you have for enjoying coffee at home?

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