Hemp: Dog Toys you can Feel Good About

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** A quick disclaimer: Please always follow instructions for use on pet toys. Even though hemp toys are healthier and natural, it is still likely best to take the same safety precautions you would with any other toy.

Pet parents know that pets have a habit of swallowing things they shouldn’t. These could include any number of items under the sun from toys, clothing, blankets, furniture, plants, etc. Because of the chance of this occurring and the dangers it can cause, pet parents need to watch their pets closely. While monitoring what your pet is doing will help keep them out of danger, accidents can still happen. On top of keeping a close eye on them, we can also surround our pets with safe and healthy toys rather than synthetic ones to aid in pet safety. Hemp: Dog Toys you can Feel Good About shares benefits of these natural toys and talks about why they are an ideal option to entertain your pets.

Backstory of Hemp: Dog Toys you can Feel Good About

To provide a backstory, I have two playful Goldendoodles. One is seven years old and one is four. The four year old has unfortunately needed two foreign body removal surgeries. The oldest one destroys all soft toys. Off and on in the past, I returned home to find the bottom of my curtains or the corner of a blanket or mat methodically gnawed off. Thankfully, they now seem to know not to swallow inedible items. However, if they destroy a soft toy, there is always the chance they will eat a piece accidentally.

For these reasons and the fact that the seven year old tears soft toys apart, we do not let soft toys into this house lightly. Most of the toys you would find around this house are these orange balls. They love to play fetch and carry the balls around like their most prized possessions. We switched from tennis balls years ago because they destroy any tennis ball they get their paws on. If they swallow those pieces of tennis ball, blockages can obviously occur. Thankfully, the balls linked above are much more difficult for them to tear apart and there is no risk of them swallowing pieces without us knowing. If your dog is tough on toys and a heavy chewer and you want to protect them, I recommend starting with these balls.

I do, however, feel guilty if they only toys the dogs have are balls. Once in a while we go out and find new toys to give them strictly for supervised play. Yesterday was one such occasion. Nick returned from the pet store with a  durable bunny (we purchased once before) for the younger dog who has less of a tendency to destroy toys. For the older dog, he purchased a hemp rope toy.

Safety of Hemp: Dog Toys you can Feel Good About

If your dogs are anything like mine, the soft toys will inevitably get destroyed. When this happens, I would much rather if the toy was made from natural fibres. This on its own is much safer if your beloved dog swallows some. Rather than swallowing the brightly dyed chemicals in your usual rope toy, would you rather them swallow nontoxic materials if they happen to do so accidentally?

Durability of Hemp: Dog Toys you can Feel Good About

Reviews I have read about Hemp rope toys say that these tend to last a long time with most peoples dogs. In the day that our doodles have had this one, they have played with it every waking moment, and it is no longer in the ring shape it was when we initially gave it to them. Rather than a rope ring, it is a length of rope. they still have a long way to go before it is completely destroyed, however. I am happy with how it is holding up to these heavy chewers.

Environmentally Friendly Hemp: Dog Toys you can Feel Good About

As you all know, hemp is a natural material. Using toys made of hemp rather than man-made materials is better for the environment for a couple of reasons. There is less processing involved with hemp items, growing hemp removes CO2 from the air, and hemp is biodegradable. Not only does it make sense for your pet’s health to try these toys out, but it makes sense for the environment!

Reasonably Priced Hemp: Dog Toys you can Feel Good About

You might assume that with all of these benefits, hemp dog toys will be more expensive than your average dog toy made of other materials. The truth is that hemp toys are actually reasonably priced. You can purchase a medium hemp rope for just under $13CAD, or an extra large one for just under $20CAD. You can also find soft hemp toys from about $15-$25. Here is a link to some good options. If you live up here in Canada and have access to a Global Pet Foods location, that is where we picked up the hemp rope toy that my boys love.

One thing I found entertaining is the cat enjoys the hemp toy just as much as the dogs do. He has spent some time rolling around on it. While hemp toys look more natural (they are!), the last 24 hours have proven to me that pets do not care what their toys look like and they are quite happy with the natural scent hemp toys offer. If you have a tough chewer and are always looking for toys that you can safely give your pets, definitely check out the hemp option. They might not last forever, but what toy will if your dog shares the same desire to destroy all soft toys that my oldest pup does?

If you are enjoy posts about unique and helpful products for your pets, check out our post about the wonderfully handy bike trotter here! Let us know what kinds of products you love for your pets and if you would like us to try out any in particular and share our findings with you. Until next time, we wish you all the best!

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