I am Trash: If Only Trash Smelled this Way

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I am Trash.

That’s the name of a fragrance by Etat Libre d’Orange. Yes! You read that right. Like perfume or cologne to wear. When I first heard of this I wondered why in the world they would name a perfume that or anything like it. Isn’t that the opposite of what they want it to smell like? Then I dove into the land of research and surprisingly, couldn’t find a ton about it. It turns out, though, this fragrance contains upcycled ingredients. I am Trash is a fitting name. Now, if only trash in real life smelled this way.

I was pulled in when I read about the ingredients. A number of the scents in this fragrance come from previously distilled ingredients. I love the environment so this automatically caught my attention. Nick and I are trying to cut back on our footprint. It is important for sustainability to stay at the forefront of our daily discussions. We collectively need a significant habit adjustment and every little change combined will add up. If some of the upcycling in I am Trash is waste from the juice industry and also often used in pet foods, as I read online, I wonder if there is enough spare waste from juice to go around. The ability to extract more floral scent from previously-used ingredients instead of using brand new petals is really awesome, though.

I am Trash’s warm, fruity scent leaves me hoping that this perfume is truly better for the environment than other options out there.

If it is, with the climate we live in I can see it taking off. The scent is beautiful and I don’t find it overpowering. Obviously, we also need more sustainability in our lives. In addition to using less, an important step is to make more out of the resources we have.

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