Jaase: A Boho Dress Brand You Need to Check Out

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I hope your week is off to a good start. I’m not one to tell people what to do. I love to try products and pieces and share my thoughts with you. Jaase: A Boho Dress Brand You Need to Check Out is a post about a company I accidentally fell in love with a couple of months ago. The company is Jaase Designs. It is one I recently talked about in a completely unrelated post. That post was actually somewhat inspired by my newfound fondness for this company, but it was more inspired by my sister.

Discovering Jaase: A Boho Dress Brand

Until a couple of months ago, I really knew nothing about Jaase Designs. Last summer, my sister and I were checking out a Marshalls in Barrie and she purchased a beautiful backless, bohemian dress. At the time I was in love with it, but she found it first and we did not want to have one of those accidental sister moments where we both show up to an event in the same dress. Little did I know, she would give it to me a year later anyway. I also did not know I would love a company so much. When I tried on the one she gave me, I looked the brand up online and discovered they are from Australia and seem to specialize in flowy maxi-dresses, though it looks like they do offer a variety of items.

Jaase: A Boho Dress Brand: Flowing lavender fabric moving around Jaase: A Boho Dress Brand: flowing lavender fabric moving around from the back

Finding Jaase: A Boho Dress Brand in Stores

A number of images come up on Google if you just image search “Jaase.” It is a good place to look if you want to get a feel for their overall style. I would be surprised if you don’t find styles or patterns you love there. Most of the dresses have low backs and tie up in some way so the sizes are a bit flexible. I thought the only way I might find another of their dresses would be to actually order from one of the boutiques that sells them and hope they ship to Canada. Believe me, I considered it.

This past weekend I wandered into a Marshalls in Guelph to see what they have and stumbled upon a couple of different Jaase dresses. What LUCK! I had no idea there would be a chance to pick up another Jaase dress so soon after realizing my love for the brand. I purchased this beautiful lavender number in a size small and could not wait to wear it.

Jaase: A Boho Dress Brand: Dress while sitting down with flowers

Jaase: A Boho Dress Brand: Dress while sitting down

Style of Jaase: A Boho Dress Brand

Part of my love for Jaase comes from the boho style they champion. When you wear one of these dresses, it seems possible to transform into a free-spirit without any worries in the world. You automatically feel capable of dancing barefoot under the stars. It becomes normal to chill with wildlife in the park and relax with scenery you instantly feel connected to. It is amazing how one dress style can transform a person so seamlessly into someone they often dream of being (or at least it has that effect on me).

Jaase: A Boho Dress Brand: shape of flowing dress when it is stillJaase: A Boho Dress Brand: flowing front of the dress full viewJaase: A Boho Dress Brand: details on the back from a distance


This dress fabric is Rayon (or Viscose). It is a manufactured material generated from natural fibers in trees. It is perfect for soft, flowy summer dresses with a bohemian feel. During the colder part of the day, I wore an old open-knit sweater over the top. This dress would look great with a denim or motorcycle jacket to dress it down as well. It is very comfortable to wear for any occasion. It would be beautiful at a garden party, a shower, BBQ, beach day, or even for a more casual or outdoor wedding in the spring or summer.

Jaase: A Boho Dress Brand: worn casually with sandalsJaase: A Boho Dress Brand: Details on the backJaase: A Boho Dress Brand: close up of the pattern on the fabric

Details in Jaase: A Boho Dress Brand Products

One of the details I appreciate the most is the crochet on the shoulder straps. You can see it pretty well in the images below.  This particular version also has a white floral pattern. It also has two rows of frills at the bottom, making it feel even more girly than the flowing maxi style would on its own. The lavender shade is ideal for this dress, complementing all the other girly details it has. Being lavender makes it somehow more toned down than if it was pink. It meshes wonderfully with the rest of the design details. For me, this combination of shade and style is perfect.

After some research, the closest image I have been able to find online is of the Sia Crochet Gown. It looks the same except it is done up differently at the top than mine. Otherwise, this might be just a similar style. The nice part is that the crochet detail and frills exist on the Sia Gown as well.

Jaase: A Boho Dress Brand: styled with a sweaterJaase: A Boho Dress Brand: close up on neck lineJaase: A Boho Dress Brand Close up of strap details

You guys, I have to say, I always thought of maxi-dresses as a summer staple. I am so excited to see that this year they will be key pieces heading into fall as well. I am looking forward to getting more wear out of them. Have you had the opportunity to try out a Jaase dress? If you haven’t and you see one around, I definitely suggest you revel in the free-spirited vibes this brand evokes. Try it on and see if you dance barefoot under the stars.

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