Lush Bar Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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Near the end of July, a Lush Haul post was added to our site. If you want to see all of the products we ordered, they can be found here. Approximately three months have passed. In this time, there have been lots of opportunities to get to know the products inside and out. It is important to understand how much we enjoy Lush products heading into this post. While the scents are strong in passing, they are wonderful when each individual product is in use. The company works to be environmentally-friendly and is animal-friendly. They also offer products made from natural ingredients. We are trying to be more earth-friendly and reducing plastic use where possible. Because of this, we wondered what about Lush Bar Shampoo and Conditioner? Why is there not more hype around it? Does it actually work?

Lush Packaging

The Lush website has a page dedicated to its environmentally-friendly packaging practices. These are wonderful, but I will just quickly summarize here. If you want to read more, the page link is above. The page lists 10 facts about Lush packaging. Since reducing plastic was the entire reason we decided to try Lush bar hair products, we wondered how they would package it for delivery when people order it online.

When it showed up, it was in a cardboard box with peanuts. Each product comes individually wrapped. My significant other mentioned that it does not seem right that everything comes wrapped in plastic. We looked into it. The peanuts in the box are made from plant materials. They are not styrofoam. Since they are biodegradable, Lush recommends putting them in your compost (or green bin). The wrapping around each piece of soap looked and felt like plastic wrap. It is, in fact, biodegradable cellophane.

Lush Bar Shampoo and Conditioner in box it was shippedLush Bar Shampoo and Conditioner under biodegradable packing peanutsLush’s website notes that 35% of the products they sell are “naked,” meaning not sold in packaging. This is great because they are actively working to reduce the amount of plastic required. If you are wondering why one would want to reduce plastic use, the Earth Day website is a great resource.

Space when Using Lush Bar Shampoo and Conditioner

One of the reasons to try bar shampoo and conditioner appeared from nowhere when I was in the shower one day. I looked down and saw bottles upon bottles of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks. The bottles (some economy-size) were crowding the space on the rim of the tub and momentarily, I thought, “we should put a shelf in here.” The next thought was, “what if we did not need all of these plastic bottles in here?”

Usually, one to avoid bar soap for its drying effects on my skin, I knew why the shower gel was there. I could not, however, remember trying any bar hair products. When I hopped out of the shower, I ran to Nick and asked him if we should google bar hair products. We did not find many options. Ultimately, the best selection was at Lush. They were also the most positive reviews. A few little bars of soap definitely take up less shower space than massive bottles filled with liquid soap.

The Scents of Lush Bar Shampoo and Conditioner

Unsure if we should purchase Lush products blindly without smelling them, we headed to the store. They had numerous options in stock. The number of options as well as the scent of the store became overwhelming and we left empty-handed. We also rationalized that it would be useful to see how they package their products for shipping since we would likely make future orders online.

They have no less than 15 different bar shampoo options online and 3 solid conditioners. Each explains the ingredients, what its purpose is and its scent. We ordered some options that we thought would work for us based on the product descriptions. Again, if you would like to see what we ordered in our haul, the post can be found here.

When they arrived, my significant other mentioned he could not appreciate a couple of the scents. They are also very powerful right out of the box. After some use, however, he commented often how good the scents that linger after a shower smell.  I can agree that the scents might be overpowering right out of the box. The scents do seem to calm down after they are in your home for a little bit. They also leave a faint scent in your hair and on your body when you leave the shower. One of the products, in particular, has a wonderful citrus scent great for waking you up. Overall, single products are nowhere near as powerfully scented as you might think when you pass the store in the mall.

Performance of Lush Bar Shampoo and Conditioner

This is where I start to struggle with solid hair products. My hair is coarse and wavy. It likes to tangle. It is often dry and frizzy. There are days when I need to add coconut oil, just to get it under control again. I have hair that you can brush for 20 minutes. Then within 10 minutes, it looks like it has not seen a brush in years. A lot of people do not have hair like mine. For anyone with more moist, calm, or straight hair, these products will work differently. I would say they might work well for you.

The products lather up wonderfully in the shower. When I am in the shower with them, they are scented exactly the right amount. When using the products, I can easily go more days between washing my hair. After using the shampoo, my hair feels different than with liquid shampoo, but not in a bad way. After using the conditioner, it feels alright too, but maybe a little bit waxy and sticker than usual. The issue I faced was that while the products contain ingredients like argan oil and glycerine to hydrate, they are not as hydrating as the liquid shampoos and conditioners I have tried. I find myself using a great deal more coconut oil after a shower with these products. My hair was definitely even less manageable.

Lush Bar Shampoo and Conditioner Jason and the Argonauts shampooLush Bar Shampoo and Conditioner Jason and the Argonauts Shampoo in useIngredients in Lush Bar Shampoo and Conditioner

This is a quick note, but it is very useful to be able to scroll down on a page when you are looking at products and clearly see its ingredients. Lush’s ingredient lists link to information about each ingredient so you can easily see what something is if you are unsure just from reading its name. For instance, one of the ingredients in the solid conditioner I tried is called Cetearyl Alcohol and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. The description of it leads me to believe it is the ingredient in the conditioner that gave my hair the tangible feeling I did not like.  I imagine the drying effect is the fact that the ingredients in the hair-products are in a solid form, rather than liquid. For this reason, I will be even more delighted to find a solid shampoo and conditioner combination that leaves my hair in a more manageable manner.

Lush Bar Shampoo and Conditioner Jungle green conditioner

What will I try Instead of Lush Bar Shampoo and Conditioner in the Interim?

Once the solid shampoo and conditioner I have is gone (it lasts a while!), I have a plan. Keeping the goal of reducing packaging in mind, I plan to try out Lush’s potted hair products. I was unaware of something great they do before researching the bar products. It is such a simple practice, but I only hope that lots of people know about it and actually participate. This is the practice of washing out your potted Lush containers and returning them to the store to be reused. As an incentive for customers to do that, Lush gives you a free face mask for every 5 clean pots you return to them for recycling.

Lush Bar Soap in Place of Body Wash

While I don’t think it will become common practice (yet) for me to use Lush Bar Shampoo and Conditioner every day, their bar soap has stolen my heart. It is more expensive than bar soap you would find at a drug store, but it lasts a while. The citrus scent of the Sexy Peel soap is very refreshing. It leaves my skin soft and happily moisturized after use. This is one product I will be happy to purchase again and again!

Lush Bar Sexy Peel Soap Bar

If you have not checked out the Lush haul to learn more about the products we purchased, it can be found here. What recommendations do you have for reducing plastic with everyday habits? Is there a bar shampoo and conditioner combo that you have found to work wonders? Also, what is your favourite Lush product?


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