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Hi Everyone!

I am sure most of you know what Lush is. If not, it is a company known for its strong scents and unique products. They offer beauty products but are most well-known for selling bath products (at least amongst my friends). The first thing I ever purchased from them was a gift for a family Christmas give away a few years ago, though I was aware they existed long before that. I find it interesting that they are known for having strong scents and healthier natural products, but they aren’t as well-known for their earth-friendly packaging. I have learned a great deal about the company over the last few weeks and am both impressed with them and ashamed that I have not shopped here more often.

I have to say I am very impressed with the packaging and shipping of Lush products. I ordered a couple of bars of shampoo for Nick and I as well as a bar of conditioner and some soap. The motivation behind this little haul was largely environmental. We want to see if we can cut back on some of the plastic we use on an everyday basis (more on this at the bottom of the page). One of the most impactful ways to cut back is with shower products as we all use them and they are typically sold in large plastic bottles. Though you won’t be able to tell the scents from reading this (sorry friends), your local Lush store likely has some of the options in stock and they all smell pretty good, though right out of the package they are strongly scented. You likely can imagine the scents if you have ever been past one of these stores.

The Products:

Brazilliant Shampoo Bar:

The website claims this one helps tame thick and curly hair with Andiroba oil. It smells faintly of citrus and is orangey-yellow in colour. To use bar shampoo, the site recommends you lather the bar between your hands and then apply to hair. It says you can also apply the solid bar directly to your hair if you prefer.  This one retails for $11.95CAD and is citrus scented.

Godiva Solid Shampoo:

This bar is both shampoo and conditioner (perfect for anyone in a rush or who hates showering)! It is yellow as well. Uh-oh, I might not have thought this through. This one is a little bit more expensive than the one above at $12.95CAD. It claims to be good for processed hair and leave any type of hair shiny.

Jason and the Argan Oil Solid shampoo:

Jason and the Argan Oil claims to have a similar effect on hair as the Godiva Shampoo does. The Lush site claims it is moisturizing and will leave your hair shiny. It has a rose scent to it and the bar is a stunning red-purple colour. To be honest I cannot wait to try this one just to see if it turns my hair purple. Don’t worry. I will let you know in the review post that will be coming soon! This one retails for $11.95CAD.

Jungle Solid Conditioner:

Since my hair is a wild tangled mess on the best of days, I figured it would not be a good idea to skip the conditioner here. This one is bright green in colour and fruit-scented. It claims to hydrate your hair as all conditioners do, but trying it out will be the true test. It retails for $11.95 and the instructions say to use it by lathering it up on your hands and smoothing it through your hair before rinsing it out.

Sexy Peel Soap:

This is a citrus-scented body soap with small pieces of peel in it to exfoliate your skin. The scent is meant to revitalize you if you are tired and I imagine it is a great pick-me-up if you like to shower in the morning. This soap retails for $6.95CAD and I imagine it is pretty similar to most bar soaps we have tried in the past aside from the delicious scent. I am hopeful it will leave the skin more moisturized as well, but we shall see. I will post about the products and how we liked them once we have had a chance to give them a fair shot.

Finally, we have the Respect your Elders Soap:

This one is another beautiful dark purple. It claims to be moisturizing and lightly scented on the site. It also retails for $6.95CAD.

Shipping and Packaging:

We made a bold move and ordered these online in the hopes that we would enjoy the scent of them all without having to venture into the mall to try and find them. Shipping was really quick. I believe they arrived within 2 business days of the order being placed, though keep in mind we do live close to Toronto.

The products were safely cushioned in eco-friendly dissolving peanuts. I did not know this was a thing!


If you didn’t either, they are made of wheat and cornstarch and can be tossed in compost piles when it is time to dispose of them.  If you search for them on YouTube or Google, you will be met with a number of videos showing you how they disappear. Lush packaging uses compostable, recyclable, and reusable materials.

One other thing to love about them is they offer a program where if you clean and return 5 of the pots they sell products in, you get a face-mask free. What a great way to reduce waste! I seriously wish I knew all of this years ago. 

Even More Admirable Qualities:

Beyond the handmade and environmentally conscious aspects, Lush is vegetarian-friendly, cruelty-free, has vegan products and uses sustainable ingredients. They feature a page on their website dedicated to causes they advocate for. The products are full of natural and healthy ingredients and have distinct scents. Lush products are handmade and they have personalized videos around the website for each product, educating you on ways to use the products and showing you how they are made.

Environmental Motivation behind this Lush Haul:

How often do you consider making changes in your life to try and help the environment and the world we all live in? Does it start out as a, “wouldn’t it be great if…” sort of thing and then the more you think about it the more overwhelming and impossible of it seems? We have been told our entire lives that it takes lots of people making a group effort to change the world. In this case, I believe that to be completely true. It would be nearly impossible for one person to reduce the impact that humans have on the planet, but if everyone starts by making small changes to their lifestyle and people talk about the changes they make everyone can sort of learn together and we can make a difference.

Lately, I have been thinking about small changes we can make in our everyday routines to help reduce the negative impact we have on this beautiful world. It seems so simple to change the way you dispose of a container after you are finished with it or to reconsider products you purchase and the packaging they are sold in. It is tough to think about the big changes that need to be made, but I think we can each start small by taking a look at some of our shopping habits, transportation, the products we consume and how we carry those products, the methods we use to clean and the way we dispose of items we no longer need. All of those little updates to our lifestyles will add up to quite a bit when lots of people get in the habit of doing them and pass a new way of living onto future generations, enabling them to make even more significant changes.

In the spring while browsing the Internet, I stumbled upon a CBC article discussing the number of products that are packed in plastic and how it is common but so dangerous to the earth. I had no idea that while we might think we are doing a good thing by recycling plastic, a lot of it ends up being thrown away anyway either due to contamination or for other reasons. The article I read talked about the economic cost of current recycling programs as well as the general cost to the environment. Around this time I was searching for a new phone case because my old one broke and I stumbled across a compostable option named Pela Case, which I wrote about here if you are interested. After doing a little bit of research on the matter, I thought about ways to reduce my contribution to the plastic problem and decided to look for products that are packaged in a more sustainable manner. While lathering my hair in the shower one day it hit me that so much of our shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc. is in giant plastic bottles and I should start by attempting to eliminate them where I can.

After hopping out, I researched bar shampoo, conditioner, and soap. My browser kept returning to Lush and though my experiences with them in the past and knowledge of the everyday good they do was limited, I was determined to give them a shot. Because of the long back-story here and the number of products I am about to try, I think it makes sense to split this into two posts so you aren’t held captive by my blog for too long. After giving these products a good shot I will post a review. Until then, maybe you already love Lush and will consider purchasing more of your products through them because of the wonderful things they stand for. Or maybe you were unsure about trying them and, like me, are thinking now would be a great opportunity. What is your favourite plastic-free product? What products do you love from Lush and cannot see yourself living without? I hope you have a wonderful week, whatever you are doing.

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