Mama Earth Organics: How We Increased Our Veggie Intake

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Mama Earth Organics is a Toronto based produce subscription box. They deliver weekly boxes to your door. The boxes are full of local and healthy delicious food. There are different levels of boxes you can subscribe to depending on how much produce you need and whether you prefer fruit or veggies.

Mama Earth Organics: Healthy Convenience

We subscribed to Mama Earth Organics two years ago and love the convenience of it. I love when things are delivered to my door. When those things are food and I can avoid going to the grocery store, even better. That, along with the healthy nature of the box are just two of the bonuses with this subscription. When you have a busy week and your fridge has mysteriously emptied, there is nothing more magical than opening your front door to a Rubbermaid filled with local organic vegetables and produce.

Mama Earth Organics: How it Works

Once a week, if you are subscribed, you will receive an email letting you know what will arrive in your box that week. If there is something you want to substitute, add, or if you don’t need the box that week, you can log on to your account and edit that week’s order. If you decide not to log in and edit anything that week, the standard box will arrive at your door on the day they deliver in your neighbourhood. Your card is charged on the day of delivery.

Mama Earth Organics: Adding Extras

Every week, there are lots of extras you can add to your order. They deliver products from bakeries and kitchens in Toronto to your door. While you pay for the addition to your box, actual delivery is free. One of our favourite ways to get the box is as the small veggie and fruit box with the addition of a freshly baked sourdough bread and often a meal from Mama’s kitchen. The meal from Mama’s kitchen we pick is ready-made so we can pop it in the oven on a busy day. It is simple to enjoy home cooking without having to take the time to cook. We have also gotten some of their prepared salads in the past so we have quick lunches available. They have countless options of extras you can add. There are free-range eggs, yogurt, fresh juice, prepared meals and baked goods.

Mama Earth Organics: Swapping Something Out

As mentioned above, you can also swap a product out of the box if you are going to receive something you do not know how to use. This helped me on a couple of occasions when I received a bit too much of the green leafy stuff. There is usually a nice mixture of different fruits and veggies. Because they try to send as much local produce as they can, it varies from season to season. If you want to swap an item out, all you need to do is go to your account, click on “my order” and go to “customize my basket.” On that screen, you can remove items that are set to come in your box and replace them with something else. There is a small fee of $2 to swap items in your box if your box costs less than $50.

Mama Earth Organics: Skipping a Week

If you do not need a box delivered that week, you just go onto your account, choose “my order.” Next, go to “view order,” then “skip a week.” On the screen that comes up, choose to skip the week you want and your card will not be charged for the week you skip. You can skip as many weeks as you would like.

Recipes and Inventory List

Since Mama Earth isn’t a meal box, it encourages you to be creative to use your veggies and fruit. They send recipe suggestions related to the produce in your box every week. One of my favourite things  about the box is planning out what meals we can make with the veggies they send. The boxes have allowed me to try new produce that I have never had before. It is perfect if you want to try new ingredients in the kitchen, but are not sure where to start.

Mama Earth Organics: Quality

As you can see from the images of the produce here, it is in great shape when it arrives. Sometimes Mama Earth swaps out produce last minute because something they were expecting to send was not up to their standards, or not of the correct ripeness. They always send a note when this happens and encourage everyone to reach out to them if anything isn’t okay.

This box encourages us to get our fruit and vegetable intake. Once it arrives in the house, we work to try and use everything up. It offers variety to our diet as well and because of this box, we often find ourselves trying new recipes.

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