Metal Straws Reducing Plastic

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Lets take a minute to talk about metal straws. I know, boring. Or so one might think upon the mention of straws. The truth is that metal straws on their own might not be anything cliff-hanger exciting. What their creation stands for, however, means so much more. In a post about Lush bar shampoo, we talked briefly about the problematic effects plastic is having on our home planet. This post is a quick discussion about how metal straws are reducing plastic for people who need to use straws at home, the same way that paper straws in reduce plastic in your friendly neighbourhood restaurants.

Metal Straws Reducing Plastic: Why too much plastic is an issue

If you have not heard about the issue of too much plastic, you can research something along the lines of “problem with plastic.” You will find countless informative results. As a general overview of the issue, plastic takes a very long time to decompose. At the rate in which we use it, it is piling up. Plastic affects human health, marine life, and the overall health of the planet. For years, humans have been trying to reduce plastic use. In most stores around here, we are charged an extra fee to purchase a plastic bag in which to carry our spoils. This simple act brought a great deal of much needed awareness and has encouraged people to carry reusable bags much more often.

Metal Straws Reducing Plastic: A great way to enjoy your drinks while protecting the planet

In the past year or so, there has been a significant decrease in straws served at restaurants. Most places around here no longer automatically deliver a straw to your table in your drink. Even places like A&W recently took plastic straws off of their menu as part of their environmentally conscious practices. How can one enjoy soda on the road from a fast food restaurant while leaving the plastic behind? It is simple. A&W replaced their plastic straws with paper ones that somehow magically do not get soggy upon use. They are a wonderful feat of engineering. The most important part of paper straw use is that paper decomposes in only a few weeks, rather than the possible 80 years plastic takes. Imagine if we stop using straws at home.

In my life, straws have generally been used to consume smoothies or fresh pressed juice. While I no longer use them for anything else at home, in my mind a smoothie without a straw is significantly less delicious. Like reusable bags, reusable metal straws are the ideal solution.

Metal Straws Reducing Plastic: Where to find them and affordability

The package we purchased a few months ago is from the brand Joie. You can purchase them on Amazon for under $10. They come in a pack of 6 with a cleaning brush for effortless maintenance. Considering you likely will only need to purchase one package, they seem fairly affordable. This is obviously not even including the environmental benefits of your new habits. Those on their own make it worth it. Imagine how much plastic we could stop from hitting the landfills and oceans if suddenly everyone stopped using these old plastic straws.

I urge each of you to take the step. If you find you use plastic straws at all, I hope you will think about the materials they are made of and consider other options! Plastic straws are not recyclable, which means that every one of them ends up completely wasted after only one use.

Have you already made the change? Are you considering it? Do you like to carry reusable totes with you in your car in case you need them? I would love to hear your suggestions for reducing plastic use with everyday habits.

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