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We have all heard about the benefits of Native Aluminium-free Deodorant. It is different from the more common and convenient antiperspirant that tends to crowd store shelves. While you can find different options for deodorant in stores, most stores around here only have one to two different brands. For years I have heard of the importance of switching to deodorant, yet every time I tried, I felt the immediate need to switch right back. This is my story of switching over and how Native deodorant was the brand that managed to give me everything I needed to finally stick with the healthier version for good.

A first try

I tried a very expensive and delicious smelling brand stocked at Sephora and on Amazon a couple of years ago. I think it does work for a number of people, but it did not work for me. There were issues with smell after only a few hours and during the few weeks I used it regularly, horrible painful rashes developed. After the first day or two of smelling a bit funky and re-applying pretty often, I stubbornly stuck with this brand to try and make it work for me.


There is supposedly a detox period when you switch over while your pores adjust to being able to do what they are meant to. Part of me believed if I stuck it out, it would eventually just work. It didn’t. From what I remember, it was at least a couple of months of constantly worrying about my scent and as the weather warmed up and my body sweat more, the rash started to develop. At first, I was not sure it was related to the deodorant, but after a couple of weeks of tender under-arms, I stopped using it. At that point, I switched back to the much more gentle Dove antiperspirant my body was so used to. I loved this stuff and used it since my teenage years. It was comfortable.

Trying new Brands

Over the couple of years that followed, I tried different deodorant brands that I could find locally. There was a charcoal powder one from Lush that I used a couple of times and had to toss both because of the strong scent and the pain it caused. Since it was powdery, it was meant to absorb some of the sweat, which might work perfectly for some, but the only effect it had on me was turning my armpits a shaded grey, and making them sore.

I love Lush, its products, and everything it stands for. Unfortunately, sometimes a product is simply compatible with you. I also tried a lemon flavoured one out (sorry, I cannot remember the brand). It was sold at my local drugstore and I figured it was worth a shot, and while it did not cause a rash, it also was not strong enough to keep me smelling fresh as long as I needed. Until I tried this one I currently use, I kept switching back to my tried and true antiperspirant.

Health Benefits

Deodorant is better for you for the simple fact that it does not contain chemicals that stop you from sweating. While that sounds much less convenient and as a recipe to make you much more self-conscious, it helps your body expel toxins rather than clogging up lymph nodes around your armpits. It is said that this can be a cause of breast cancer and has also been linked to Alzheimer’s. I am not a doctor or scientist by any means, but to me, the thought of using something on purpose daily to stop my body from doing what it is meant to do makes my stomach churn.

Native Aluminium-free Deodorant regular and mini sizes next to each other

Native Aluminium-free Deodorant: Discovery

The determination to find a deodorant that worked caused me to hop on the web last winter to do some in-depth research.  I was between Schmidt’s and Native because of customer reviews and ended up signing up for a subscription with Native Aluminium-free Deodorant. I have not tried Schmidt’s so I cannot confirm this from experience. The reason I tried Native instead is that some reviewers said their white clothing ends up with yellow sweat stains when they wear Schmidt’s. Otherwise, from what I read, it looks like another really great one to try if Native does not work for you.

Native Aluminium-free Deodorant: Switching for good

I finally made the switch from antiperspirant to deodorant for good. Coconut & Vanilla is the one I use currently, and I find it works like a dream. The scent is not overpowering, but I only need to apply once most days. On a couple of the hottest days this summer, I applied again halfway through the day. In general, though, it isn’t something I even need to think about anymore. I carry a travel-sized Lavender & Rose stick in my purse (because it is small and I happen to have it, I do not prefer the scent). The travel-size is perfect in case of a deodorant emergency.

Native Aluminium-free Deodorant mini packaging

Experience with Native Aluminium-free Deodorant

In the six to seven months I have been using it, I only struggled with a bit of under-arm tenderness on maybe three days. These were hot days and I was wearing a t-shirt with tight sleeves. It hugged my armpits and there was more sweat that day than usual. I would recommend avoiding this scenario at all costs in the heat of the summer. Otherwise, Native has been very gentle on my sensitive skin. In the colder winter days, I found the product was much more solid in the container. If I held it up to my armpit and immediately pulled, it tugged a little at my skin. I have found that if I hold it under my arm for a couple of seconds before moving it, it goes on smoothly.

Thinking about making a change?

Colder days are the perfect time to switch from antiperspirant if you are considering the change. I found it was seamless to go from my regular Dove stick to deodorant when the days were cooler. On those days, I naturally would not need to sweat as much anyway.

While I have read there is a detox period and you need to stick with deodorant for a few weeks before your body gets used to it, I cannot say I even noticed myself going through this time with Native. It may have been because I switched during the colder months. Or it might be simply that this product just works without a struggle from my body as it sorted itself out. I am very thankful for the cause of this easy transition. I definitely recommend making the switch during months you don’t need to rely on antiperspirant as heavily. You also do not need to use much at a time. Native Aluminium-free Deodorant Packaging


Less is better with Native Aluminium-free Deodorant. If you put too much on, it sits on your skin, rather than absorbing properly. I do about 3 passes with mine and leave it at that for the day. This is also great because it lasts quite a while. The subscription I have with Native is for a new refill once every three months. So far, the timing has been perfect. I have just been starting to get to the end of my current stick. As I am wondering when the next one will arrive, it shows up in my mailbox. Even up here in Canada.

Cost and Delivery

Native Aluminium-free Deodorant and razor subscriptions are two of the handiest ones I have found. More on the razers later, if you want. If you decide to order a subscription with Native Aluminium-free Deodorant, you save $2USD on every stick you purchase. To get to the subscription part, you just choose which scent you want to try. Then choose if you want it only one time ($12USD). If you would like to receive a subscription it is $10USD each time they send it. They also offer seasonal scents. I think those are pretty fun, but I have not yet been adventurous enough to try them. The Coconut & Vanilla one is light and easy to wear. I figure why mess with a good thing?

Do you have any reservations about switching to deodorant from antiperspirant? Have you already switched and found your perfect one? What tips or tricks do you have for anyone working to make the change? If you enjoy Lifestyle tips and tricks, check out these posts!


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