One Pair of Sock Boots Styled 6 ways

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Hi Out There!

I hope you are having a wonderful day as you read this. It is a beautiful start to a sunny (though COLD) Sunday here in Canada as I type.  I am so looking forward to this new season, but am trying to be practical and remember that we likely still have two more months of this in-between weather before some constant warmth shows up. With that said, I wanted to tell you about the sock boot. Okay I am sure you already know what a sock boot is and if you are reading this you probably have at the very least one pair to call your own so I am not here to write about the trend in general. I wanted to share six different outfits I wore with one very interesting pair of these boots.

I have seen sock boots in fashion online for months. They first ambushed my YouTube homepage in the fall of 2017. I longingly stalked a few pairs on different websites before finally purchasing some of these elegant boots during the Zara sale in early 2018.  With these beauties being part boot, part shoe, very versatile and definitely an eye-catching part of any outfit, how could I not?

I should have prefaced all of the above by noting I work from home most days and the only people to see my outfits are often my significant other, Nick and our wonderful non-judgmental pets. Because of this, many of the pieces I own are basics that can be thrown together without much thought (or attention-grabbing appeal).  I wavered on whether this creation would be a good fit for my current wardrobe. This purchase was a wise one because they have turned out to be a shoe that effortlessly adds interest to almost anything you throw on.

I feel like sock boots are the equivalent of an authentically talented band who is always better live. You aren’t sure about the decision to see them heading into the show, but you leave the venue blown away by their skill every single time. These shoes are covered in a layer of fabric meant to hug the contours of your legs without suffocating them. This neoprene-like upper reminds of me of some sort of scuba gear until they are on your feet where the transformation into a beautiful masterpiece occurs. They do not disappoint. These are far from a beautiful pair of shoes only to be revered from a shelf afar. Sock boots, at least these ones, are made for living in.

Here are the boots baring their soles before the big outfit reveal: 

They are Zara “contrasting sock-style high heel ankle boots” in electric blue. Sadly I cannot find this exact pair currently, however the red pair linked below seems to be a similar style. It even has a similar chunky angled heel. Aside from the colour change and slight difference in toe shape, I wonder if these would be a similar fit.

Alone and without the blue stripes, I imagine these boots fitting in perfectly as part of a stylish cartoon witch’s wardrobe. When you look closely you can see the seams on the fabric. It was a welcome surprise that the visible seams add interest to the shoe’s style and shape while they are on one’s feet rather than feeling like an obvious manufacturing mistake.

A quick side note as we move on to the outfits: 
Because of the nature of this challenge, most of the pieces I am styling existed in my closet before the boots moved in.  As such it may not be possible to find the exact pieces to link with each picture. I will link what I can.

Now the outfits everyone showed up for: 

This first outfit is a perfect one to wear to the office and keep the Monday Blues away.

 It is a blue faux-wrap dress with white polka dots from Suzy Shier. It is long enough to wear in a professional environment, but short enough to welcome Spring and give the sun a glimpse of your legs on your lunch-time stroll.Yes I did pair a polka-dot dress with striped boots. What I love most about this outfit is the contrast between the shoes and dress. Because the pattern on the shoes and the white dots are different sizes and quite far apart they don’t compete with each other for attention. It allows you to break the rules and do something unexpected with your outfit.
The purse I paired with this outfit is from Indigo. It is a small light grey PU leather purse that I like to wear cross-body. It is the perfect size to keep your key-card, keys, cell phone, wallet and some lipstick safe for the day. The light grey colour is wonderful to pair with the many bright pieces this time of year has to offer. The only downfall I found is the main pocket does not have a zipper to keep everything securely inside, but the flap seems to work well enough.
The jacket I paired with this look is also from Suzy Shier. Unfortunately it is from last year (I think) and I wasn’t able to find a similar one online for this year. It is a dressy enough jacket to wear with dresses and to work, but thankfully it is also warm enough for this time of year in Canada. What I enjoy about the jacket with this look is how it fits a little bit over-sized making the outfit more feel comfortable and look more stylish. The grey colour goes well with the purse and doesn’t compete with the blue and black in the shoes.

Look number two is more casual and effortless than look one, but could easily be altered for an office environment by adding a cardigan or blazer.  

The pants are an amazing pair of dressy track-pants (whoever invented these is pure genius!) from Dynamite. The exact pair is from last year. The ones I am wearing have a flower print and are very lightweight dressy fabric. I have worn them on many a slouchy-feeling day in the office and also at home because they are extremely comfortable. In my opinion, they work wonderfully with sock boots or any heels and a more fitted top because of the looser fit.
The top for this look is from American Eagle. It is thick fabric with a lace up front. The tank top is very soft (not itchy) on the skin while also being fairly warm as far as tank tops go. With the excitement of the floral print on the pants and the attention-grabbing shoes, a simple top completes the outfit.
Accessories for the look include a black wool hat (from Spring shoes last year I believe), my go to purse: the Pixie Mood Jasmine bag, and my current “panic if I forget where I left them” sunglasses from Prive Revaux: The Heartbreaker.

Outfit number three is another that could be worn nearly any day. It pairs dressy components with more casual ones.

The jeans in this outfit are American Eagle Highest Rise Jegging in Indigo. They are currently my favourite pair of jeans (aside from my pair of light-wash ripped ones). I was unsure about trying American Eagle jeggings because I usually enjoy stiffer denim, but a colleague mentioned that they are the only jeans she owns now and after trying them I can understand why. These highest rise ones in particular are both comfortable to wear for very long periods of time and pretty flattering. I am 5’8 and wear size 4 long. This size and style come up to just above my belly button.
While the full body images have the bottom hem on the pants rolled down, I do often wear them rolled up with boots or heels. One thing I like about sock boots is they are flexible enough to expand around pants, but still fit your leg fairly snugly when you want to wear them against your skin. They don’t leave a gap between your leg and the boot, which makes everything look more streamlined and fitted.
For the top of this outfit I chose more polka-dots. That is how much I love using the contrast between the stripes and dots right now. The shirt is from Suzy Shier and looks similar to the first dress, but is a very different fabric. This shirt is lightweight and silky feeling so it drapes nicely on your curves. The torso of the shirt has larger white polka-dots while the hems on the hips and sleeves have smaller dots. The pleated neck and near-capped sleeves add another dimension of interest to the outfit. It is a great shirt for the office or a dressier function and works well to dress a pair of jeans and sock boots up.
The bag styled with this outfit is the same light grey one from the first outfit above. The saddle-bag shape of it seems to be very popular. Like these sock boots, the colour is very versatile and I cannot get enough of it.

Outfit number four is a “dreaming of the weekend” classic. The jeans and oversize sweater are relaxed, but put together when the sweater is tucked in and heels are paired with them.

This pastel pink sweater is snuggly soft from RW and Co. It is a beautiful colour heading into Spring and Summer, but is still very warm. while wearing it at this time of year, you are cozy and content because the colour is a good reminder of the warmer weather, flowers, birds and outdoor adventures soon to come.
The sweater has a high-low hem and is perfect for tucking just the front in.The sides are lace-up, which makes this sweater a bit different than others in my closet.
This is the other way I would wear the jeans with this outfit if it was a little bit warmer outside at the moment: rolled up with some leg peeking out.
I love this new “wear pink and red together” trend that is currently going on. It makes it okay for me to rock the Pixie Mood bag I carry everywhere with this soft pink sweater. I would have worn them together anyway, but now I am less worried about people silently shaking their heads at my fashion choices. I think they are beautiful together and a perfect match for the very blue bottom half of this outfit.


On to outfit number five: Date night outfit!

Here I am wearing an adorable gold (or possibly mustard yellow) dress from a little boutique in Cambridge that closed a couple of years ago (I am sorry all!). The dress is made by a brand called Katie. My sister let me know that there was one open in Toronto somewhere at the same time I picked up this little number, but I am not sure if they are still open. I checked the website and couldn’t find this dress on it, but I do remember there were way more in the boutique when it was open. This dress is low cut and floaty, which in my mind makes for the perfect Friday evening date dress. It is comfortable to eat a large meal in and a good substitution for your go to little black dress.
 The faux-leather jacket I paired with the boots and dress make the outfit edgier, rather than just girly as the dress on its own can be. The Jacket is a wonderful fit for this weather because it is lighter-weight than your usual winter jacket, but still warm enough to be comfortable in the transition between Winter and Spring. The jacket is made from polyester and is by a brand called Sound and Matter. Unfortunately it looks like there isn’t a current link for the jacket online.
Along with these handy and oddly comfortable sock boots I also paired a belt from Katie and those Heartbreaker sunglasses from Prive Revaux that were mentioned above.
The sixth and final outfit is completely casual and screams Saturday. Usually I do not like yelling, but in this case I am quite okay with it.
I paired the Zara sock boots with the same American Eagle jeggings and faux-leather biker jacket mentioned above. The jacket adds a bit of a more oversize fit to an otherwise very fitted look. Of course I added the old standby sunglasses as well. The image above is the outside or cold day version of the look.
The warmer day or indoor version is simply this springy and comfortable pastel pink bodysuit from American Eagle. I cannot stress enough how comfortable this bodysuit is. As mentioned above I am 5’8, which means it is hit or miss when it comes to whether a bodysuit will fit properly. I sized up in this one as I usually do with bodysuits (went for medium) in the hopes that it would be long enough. Luckily it is! I am not thinking about the article of clothing while wearing it, which is what I find usually occupies my mind when I have one on. I love the way they look, but until now have struggled to find one that fits properly. While this fabric is thinner than I would hope I believe I will live in it over the coming months. Oh and for anyone curious, it does have snaps!
The comfort of this look is perfect for a day out on the weekend or a day at home doing things you love. It is comfortable, versatile and wont hold you back if you want to be able to move around on your day off. If the weather is colder, you can always throw on a bulkier jacket or a sweater over the top.


Overall I have been very impressed with these shoes. Yes they seem to be flashy in close-up pictures, but from a full-body angle, they do not stand out too much. I love how the fabric fits on the leg so they can be worn with many types of pants as well as dresses. The short chunky heel  encourages many hours of wear. I made the mistake of wearing socks inside them on our first adventure together. The socks made them too tight for my wide feet and I had some troubles walking around. Since then I realized I need to wear them without socks or with very thin tights. I would say they fit true to size. They are perfect for the office or for weekend adventures and are easy to throw on with many an outfit. Needless to say I have been extremely impressed with them and find myself wondering why I missed wearing sock boots all last fall.  Ah well. Live and learn. Have you tried out sockboots? Are they now a staple in your wardrobe?

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