Our First Week with Good Food

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We all have had this experience. We get towards the end of the day and start texting our significant other asking what they want for dinner. The day has more often than not been long and filled with decisions we secretly aren’t ready to make. Your significant other texts back: “Whatever you would like, Darling.” And there it is. The loop of dinner indecision that leads to a hasty stop on the way home for some take out or snacking on stale crackers or raw veggies to keep your hunger at bay. As vegetarians, Nick and I struggle with another common issue: Balance. Since we weren’t raised vegetarian, veggie meal planning doesn’t come naturally. We consciously consider if all food groups are covered on a daily basis. Our first week with Good Food  resolved these small daily issues.

Our First Week with Good Food: Simplicity

Good Food fit into our week so seamlessly that we almost did not realize it happened. When I got home on Tuesday, it was here waiting outside the door in an insulated box with ice-packs. The packaging is recyclable (perfect). I picked the box up and headed into the house to see what we had. Well, to be honest, I already had an idea. On the weekend, they sent an email with that week’s vegetarian menu.

I was surprised by three separate packages inside the box that, out of ease and laziness, I pulled out and tossed in the fridge. When Nick came home a couple of hours later, he discovered the dogs and I sipping wine in the kitchen, finishing up a nearly-complete and fully delightful smelling meal. I am not going to bluff here, you guys. As much as I love that man, he rarely comes home to find dinner prepared.

Our First Week with Good Food: Timing options

One of the features about this food delivery that we love is the amount of options you have available. If your diet is flexible, there are numerous menu items to choose from. They offer low carb, vegetarian, classic, easy prep. They also have a variety of plans available depending how many meals you would like for the week and the number of portions required. The most convenient of these customization options once you have the box is the ability to choose a meal based on how long it will take to make or how much work it will be. If you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen, there is a 20 minute option. If you have a bit more time, there are options that might take 30 minutes to an hour. 

Our First Week with Good Food: Variety and Flavour

Our meals were so different day to day. The first day, we enjoyed a tortellini dish garnished with hazelnuts. At first, Nick didn’t think he could eat them, but after a gentle reminder that we wanted to try the box because it boasted ease along with balanced meals, we split the hazelnuts into two portions.

The second meal we made was a burrito bowl. The final one we received that first week was a vegetable ratatouille. All three meals were full of flavour and had healthy ingredients that showed up at the house in perfect shape. None were boring, and they were not even similar to each other. It took Nick and I nearly the full first week to finish the box off. Some days we weren’t hungry enough to make a big meal in the evening. We also split our portions into 2 on two of the days, getting a couple of meals out of them because they were good sized.

My First Week with Good Food: Affordability

For the vegetarian box with three meals for two portions, it costs about $9.83 per serving, or $60 a week. All things considered, if we don’t have to purchase many groceries the weeks we get Good Food, it is a pretty good deal. it is less expensive than picking up dinner on the way home daily and you might find the portion sizes will last you more than one meal. You can easily skip weeks if you will be away or don’t want to receive the box for some reason.

We will likely continue to alternate between this and Mama Earth, which I posted about a few weeks ago if you are curious how that one works. There are also discounts available for anyone looking to try the box out for a week. If you sign up with my referral link, you will get $40 off of your first box! I checked out their cancellation policy before we signed up and it appears you can cancel via email if you aren’t satisfied.

Have you tried Good food or a different food subscription box? What was your reason for it and your experience? If you want to know more about Mama Earth, you can find my post here.

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