Pela Case: A Sustainable Way to Protect Your Smart Phone Investment

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About a year and a half ago a new iPhone 6s came into my life. At the time my Dad and a few others warned me about the way some people have reported their phones bending if they sat on them. I was both horrified and cautiously optimistic that I would not be the person to sit on my phone and bend it (even though I always carry it in my pocket). My Dad suggested finding a sturdy case with a battery built in to help protect the phone’s structure. I searched in local stores and when I didn’t find anything suitable I took to searching online. There I came across a phone case with a battery pack, which ended up doubling the phones battery life in a single charge.

Sadly the phone fell into a puddle while I was out walking the fur-kids early last spring. As one would expect the case was just not the same after, but hey at least I didn’t bend my phone.  As the months went on I continued to use that case though the battery pack’s only function was stability. The phone jumped (I promise) out of my back pocket fairly often over the last year and ended up with a small crack on the screen. While sitting in a broken down car waiting for a tow truck I discovered that the case had taken my phone hostage. As I tried to separate them, panic set in. It seemed like they had merged into one solid object. Thankfully, Nick was there to help separate them and needless to say, finding a new case became urgent.

I stumbled across a company based in Canada named Pela Case. The company created a phone case made of compostable materials rather than the usual plastic. The materials they use are called “flaxstic” and have a similar feel to plastic cases, without the same negative environmental impact. You can find more information on their “what is a Pela Case” page. The cases are more environmentally friendly than the traditional plastic phone case because they should not need to end up in the landfill or the oceans. When a consumer is finished with the case it should instead be composted. Flaxstic is also made of materials that would usually otherwise be burned (more information here if you are interested.

The selection of phones Pela Case fits is limited to most current iPhones and some Androids. It appears Pela is working to expand their product to a wider variety of phones, which will be beneficial in increasing their customer base.  Just today I read an article by CBC news that inspired me to post about these cases made of innovative materials. I will link it below, but in general, it is about how communities are struggling to keep up with the amount of plastic being sent to recycling facilities. Much of what we, as consumers, are proudly putting in our blue boxes are ending up in the landfill anyway. If you have an interest in sustainable living and trying to reduce the damage we cause the world, this article provides important information about where recycling is today. It discusses how human lifestyles have changed and recycling programs will need to adapt to keep up or catch up with the world we currently live in. I believe that consumer habits can also change. The article can be found here.

The Pela Case- in addition to being environmentally friendly- does a wonderful job protecting my phone. It actually hurts to admit how often this phone is knocked out of my hand and bounces on the floor. The edge of the case has a lip sticking out from the screen of the phone providing protection and shock absorption on impact. Luckily for me, the crack in the screen hasn’t gotten any bigger.

(Wave to Monsters Inc. Mike Wazowski’s reflection on the phone screen!!)

Aside from the practicality of the case,  Pela offers a range of beautiful colour options and a small range of inspirational quotes.

I opted for one in lavender with “Believe in Better” engraved in the back and a dark green one with a “be the change” engraving.


After using the case constantly for the last few months, I am noticing a bit of discolouration on the sides where my hands always hold my phone, but that is always a worry with a pale coloured case and it will take a lot more discolouration before deciding it is time to switch it up. I do wonder how receptive the case would be to a quick cleaning with mild soap and some water. I will keep you posted when I try it.
The bright lavender colour is easy to see in the depths of my purse, which I obviously love for those frantic phone-grabbing emergencies.  The flecks of yellow fibre and inscription in the case are a constant reminder that this is no ordinary phone case, but one made with the environment in mind.  It feels similar to a typical soft plastic case. Since the lavender case has yet to come off my phone I plan to give the dark green one away if someone else I know has a case-breaking incident (or a case taking their phone hostage situation).
Pela cases come with a hand-written note, which I thought was a sweet and personal touch. On the back of the note is a typed explanation of the very simple packaging (just an envelope with the note). The note states that aside from the obvious reason of trying to eliminate waste, Pela also is able to donate more funds to clean water and ocean initiatives.
Overall, I have been very impressed with the case’s functionality and think they are beautifully designed.  What drew me to the brand, more than the case itself was the fact that Pela cases were designed with the environment in mind.
Have you come across any products that are similar to the ones Pela has to offer? What kind of phone case do you prefer to protect your phone?
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