Physician's Formula x Casey Holmes Butter Collection

Physician’s Formula x Casey Holmes review

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I hear the Physician’s Formula x Casey Holmes Butter Collection sold out in minutes when it first launched. If that is true, can we just take a minute to appreciate how amazing that is? If you haven’t seen any of her videos, you can find them on YouTube. The collection she created with Physicians Formula really has the best two worlds.

It is Physician’s Formula classic butter fragrances, formulas, and prices combined with Casey Holmes’ amazing taste. Speaking of prices, I picked my box up for $17.99CAD from Shoppers Drug Mart about three weeks ago. It was a sale price. As of this writing, it is back on sale again! Even at the regular price of $25.99CAD, where else would you find a collection with this many quality products? I have been using the products since receiving them, and thought I would place them in order of my favourite to least favourite, but to be honest I don’t know if there is a true order. I genuinely enjoy them all.

Physician’s Formula x Casey Holmes: Butter Blush

The blush in this collection is beautiful! It contains some orange tones, which are beautiful any time of year. The overall palette has a tropical feel. That is part of the reason I love it so much in this cold weather up here in Canada. I, personally, do not have any other blush in this shade. The formula is soft, which I find easy to apply. You just need to be cognizant of using a light hand if you do not want to overdo it. While using the palette, I did consider multiple times that the blush is probably the product I enjoy most.

Physician’s Formula x Casey Holmes: Butter Bronzer

I have not used any of the Physician Formula Butter products until this palette, but am well acquainted with the lovely tropical buttery scent they offer. Often, over the last couple of years, I have considered picking up a Butter Bronzer. Now that I have this collection, I am so glad I waited. the bronzer is a perfect shade for making my skin appear more sun-kissed. The formula is wonderfully soft, so you don’t need to work hard to pick the product up.

Physician’s Formula x Casey Holmes Butter Lip Cream:

This lip product and shade is beautiful on the lips. It has sort of a neutral-brown shimmery finish. Moisturizing lippies have been my go to lately and this one is perfect. It does slide around a little bit, but because of the shade, it wears well and is easy to apply throughout the day. I cannot get over how moisturizing and shimmery the lip product in this collection is. When it is on, it looks different than any lip product I have seen. I have been carrying it around in my purse since opening the collection. That might tell you how useful it is to have on hand. This product is limited edition to the collection, I believe.

Physician’s Formula x Casey Holmes: Highlighter

Another limited edition to the collection item is the highlight. This one is something special. It has more of a blinding effect. There are pretty big pieces of glitter, which are beautiful, but not as subtle as the rest of the collection. Highlight is perfect for a tropical vacation, night out, photos, or a special event, but I typically reach for less glittery options for everyday. The formula is wonderfully soft, however and I still have a difficult time not applying it daily because it is beautiful.

Physician’s Formula x Casey Holmes: Eyeshadow Quad

One of the best features of this collection is the suggestions Casey leaves in the packaging for looks you can do with the eyeshadow. She gives you an everyday option as well as suggestions for how to wear it in the evening. Like everything else in the collection, the eyeshadows are both soft and beautiful shades. They are easy to work with and blend. Once again, you might want to use a light hand for application. It is easy to pick product up and apply it to your lid. The everyday wearable shades also fit the more natural tropical beach vacation theme.

Physician’s Formula x Casey Holmes: Butter Paradise Fragrance

This fragrance smells like all of the best scents of the beach. I think it is the same one that came with a previous collection, but am not 100% sure. It says limited edition, but it is possible it is only available in this collection at the moment. The bottle is small so it is easy to toss in a bag and take on the go if you want to spritz it during the day. I love that it offers a summery smell while there is still snow on the ground. It gives me hope.

Physician’s Formula x Casey Holmes: Overall

The only downside of this collection, is the packaging. The only products you can easily pull out of the package and take with you are the lip cream and the fragrance. The others are all connected in the same box and while it is nice to have them together for initial application, I would be much less likely to take the entire collection with me somewhere (except for a true vacation). The lack of versatility in the packaging is so minor compared to all of the positives this collection offers.

It is wonderful that most of the pieces will always be together and you won’t need to run around looking for different pieces that you left scattered everywhere (is that just me?). The scent and looks you can create this collection are definitely beachy. Beachy is basically all I dream of at this time of year. Every product is pigmented and easy to use and the collection is consistent in that they are all soft products. Finally, the price is great. to spend under $30 for a complete look is something that rarely happens these days.

Have you had a chance to try this collection? Are you going to? What is your favourite Physician’s Formula product? If you enjoy makeup, check out our post about Jelly Much Eyeshadows from Colourpop.

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