Pixie Mood offers the Perfect Summer Tote!

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We are officially past the midway point in the week and I hope your week has started off well. I wanted to stop by and show you the new addition to my Pixie Mood collection. I did a post in April about the Jasmine bag, which you can read here if you are interested. It gives a bit more information on the polyurethane (more commonly known as PU) leather that Pixie Mood uses and a bit more information on the company. They are a brand that chooses vegan and earth-friendly materials to construct their bags. Pixie Mood offers the Perfect Summer Tote. This post will give you some detailed information and images.

Pixie Mood offers the Perfect Summer Tote: Lining

Pixie Mood offers the Perfect Summer Tote: Durable

The purses are of beautiful construction and in my experience, they stand up well to your typical everyday wear. They have thoughtful details, like the Pixie Mood brand on the zipper and the lining inside (pictured above). The Jasmine bag was my go-to accessory for the end of winter and heading into spring. I only traded it out for lighter, more seasonally inspired purses so I am quite pleased to have one to carry everywhere in the summer too. The one pictured below in the left of the image is the small purse with the over-the-shoulder strap mentioned below. In addition, the straw bag is from a local store called the Art of Home.

Pixie Mood offers the Perfect Summer Tote: Availability

Some of the beautiful Pixie Mood purses are actually on the Chapters/Indigo site for discounted rates (a number of them are 50% off) currently if you are considering purchasing one. As an example, I found the Alicia Bag-in-a-Bag tote in store at the Stone Road Mall in Guelph about a week ago. It retails for $75CAD.

Pixie Mood offers the Perfect Summer Tote: Tote bagPixie Mood offers the Perfect Summer Tote: styled casually

Pixie Mood offers the Perfect Summer Tote: Leather-look and a bonus small pouch

Like the other Pixie Mood products I have been in close proximity with, it is soft, buttery, and this one has an unfinished leather-look to the inside of the main tote bag. It also comes with a bonus smaller, but by no means small pouch inside.

Pixie Mood offers the Perfect Summer Tote: Inside of bag

Pixie Mood offers the Perfect Summer Tote: Bonus small pouch

This pouch has a shoulder strap and a zipper top, making it the perfect place to store your valuables inside of the large carry-all tote. The pouch typically carries my wallet, phone, makeup, and a pen. In the tote outside of the smaller bag, I carry whatever else I need for the day.  It fits snacks, a sweater, notebook, iPad, swimsuit, and a towel. The tote has a snap closure to keep everything safely inside and the bag is lightweight (unlike some real leather bags). I love how light it is and how comfortable it is to carry.

Pixie Mood offers the Perfect Summer Tote: Styled with white jeans and casual tee

Pixie Mood offers the Perfect Summer Tote: Quality and Animal-friendly

Pixie Mood is wonderful for more than the fact that these bags are environmentally conscious and animal-friendly. They are quality purses with intricate details that work perfectly as an everyday bag for any lifestyle. I suggest you check them out if you are in the market for a new purse of any size or style! Have you tried out Pixie Mood? What kind of recommendations do you have for someone looking for a new vegan leather purse?

I hope the rest of your week is fantastic:)

Pixie Mood offers the Perfect Summer Tote: styled outside on summer day

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