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It can be tough to find a durable and well-designed vegan bag. So many popular well-made accessories desired by the masses are made of real leather. There are many up-sides to a leather bag (including durability), but one very big down-side. When I started my Journey as a vegetarian, I realized that my future shopping habits- when it came to fashion and lifestyle- would also need to undergo an important change.

A quick example of this change: A little over a month ago, my S.O. Nick and I went on a hunt for some man-slippers. We ventured into a store that seemingly has an infinite selection as you stroll past in the hopes of finding a pair of microsuede ones. From some research I learned that microsuede, while sharing the same name as suede in part of its title, is actually very different. Suede is made from leather whereas microsuede is a man-made fabric that often has a similar feel and finish to natural suede. The store we ventured into had only one pair of microsuede slippers and they were neither in Nick’s size nor were they appealing to him. These slippers were backless and he is convinced slippers need to have backs. Also a vegetarian, Nick wasn’t interested in trying the other options and we left that store and a few others empty-handed. It seems the great slipper quest will resume next fall.

Back to a quest with a much happier ending: I wanted to share a handbag company with you.  The company is called Pixie Mood. I purchased the Jacqueline pouch for my sister for Christmas as she said she needed something just large enough to hold her phone, wallet and some lipstick.  She recently had a baby and already has other bulky items to carry without worrying about a giant or even medium sized bag filled with her own things. Recently, my sister and I went out for a shared Birthday celebration and I was overly delighted to see she was actually using the bag. On top of that, she was happy about it! I asked her to send me some photos she took of the pouch to include here.

As always, she came through for me:

She tells me the bag can easily fit her iPhone 6s along with her most used cards and some cash. I am not sure if you can tell from the photos below, but it looks like the edge might be fraying a bit in some spots.

My sister did caution that the purse would be better used for something like a clutch than an everyday sort of purse. It looks like it might be showing some minor signs of wear. In spite of that she says she loves it. It did just survive a trip halfway around the world to New Zealand and back, after all.

Of course the beauty and cruelty-free design of Pixie Mood bags sucked me in and I couldn’t resist finding one to call my own. The black Jasmine bag I desired was out of stock on the Chapters/Indigo website from which I had planned to order. Even pulling up the image to get the web address and spotting that bag, my heart melted just a smidgen. I browsed the remaining bags, but ultimately decided that the Jasmine bucket shaped bag was the one. The colour options at the time were Ruby Red or Olive- though it appears they have more colour options available on Indigo’s site now- including a beautiful soft pastel pink one that would be perfect heading into Spring and Summer.

After a few days waiting, this Ruby Red piece arrived and I was googly-eyed in love.
Pixie Mood bags are made with Polyurethane (or PU) leather and the company prides itself on compassion and animal/planet welfare. To read more about Pixie Mood’s commitment to the environment and benefits of PU leather, you can visit their About Us page.

The fabric they use doesn’t feel like “fake” leather to me. At least not the kind that causes people to make a face and wrinkle their noses. When you set it down on a hard surface the Jasmine bag makes a very satisfying clunk that (very weirdly) I cannot get enough of.

The inside has a soft- almost fuzzy-surface similar to unfinished leather and the tassel is entertaining in many an idle moment. The bag has a snap closure at the top and attached inside is a small zippered pouch to keep valuables in.

Personally, I tend to keep smaller items like my lipstick of choice for the day, a rollerball perfume and my wallet behind the safety of the zipper. The pouch is large enough to fit my iPhone 6s, but not both my wallet and my phone together.  The rest of the bag is spacious.  It effortlessly fits a book, a tablet, my phone, sunglasses case, regular glasses case, snacks, and emergency deodorant. I have also been known to use it to store my lunch if I am going to be out for the day and on the odd occasion, it has carried a thin sweater.

Most days I feel like the main pocket is almost too big for what I actually need, but I am always content to have the extra space. Thankfully the PU leather this bag is made from is also very lightweight. In a previous life I had a small leather bag that contributed to shoulder and neck pain because of its weight. Sadly that one was donated because as much as I loved the style and size, it wasn’t practical for me (it was often left in the car on purpose during shopping trips).

Some of the reviews I read about the Jasmine bag noted that people were disappointed with the quality of the straps, but were quite happy with the bag overall. Because more than one reviewer held the strap against the product, I was very aware of the strap when my bag arrived. Upon first examination I noticed that yes the straps are different than the rest of the bag. They are smooth and feel ever so slightly more like plastic to the touch than the body does. While it is different from the rest of the bag the strap design doesn’t actually bother me. Maybe I am too easy going after all or maybe the rest of the bag makes up for it.

The strap still feels pleasant to the touch and has been very durable so far. The main visual difference is the contrasting strap colour, which I believe adds even more charm to the overall style.  So far this Pixie Mood bag seems to be very durable. I use it almost daily and have never been gentle with purses. I am embarrassed to admit it gets tossed around and might end up on the floor or ground on the odd (and obviously necessary) occasion. It is still in the same condition as a couple of months ago and doesn’t look the slightest bit discoloured.

It is perfect to wear as a cross-body, as well as over the shoulder and to carry in your hand.

This was such a successful purchase I am already pondering whether I should try another Pixie Mood style when the time comes or if my (timid) adventurous side will consider another vegan-friendly brand. Have you fallen in love with any vegan-friendly bags? If so what brands/styles do you recommend? I look forward to hearing from you!

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