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I wanted to share a brand with you that until now I haven’t heard much about. Unlike a number of other brands, it doesn’t seem to be all over social media (yet). This post is a Poppy Apparel review. The company is called Poppy Apparel. They appear to be based in Baltimore and offer free shipping anywhere in the world (a major bonus in my mind).

Poppy Apparel review: Affiliate code

They reached out and gave me a code to share with you. If you use it, you will get 10% off your order with them. The code to use is CGunnLifestyle. If you want to receive 10% off your order, all you need to do is enter it in the discount code box right before you enter your payment information on their site as you check out. If you decide to use the code, I will receive a small commission from the company. Regardless of whether you use the code or not, I would still like to recommend you check them out. I purchased pieces from them myself and want to reassure you that these are my true opinions.
Poppy Apparel review: Flowing dress walking by the river 

Poppy Apparel review: Website

From the website, their clothes look adorable and the prices are reasonable, but not so low that I questioned the quality of what they offer. They have a vast selection of unique pieces. You can get a two piece set for under $30USD. I am planning to purchase one of these next but wanted to check out the quality by purchasing something I would likely get a great deal of wear from first. 

Poppy Apparel review: Order

The piece I decided to start with is a pale pink floral printed maxi dress. The dress is in the “blouse” category on the site. Perhaps it should be worn over pants? I decided to order it because the dress in the pictures is so beautiful and the fabric is something I knew I would enjoy. Also, I was curious about the blouse categorization, though I think it was just a case of mislabeling. The fabric in this dress is viscose (aka rayon), which is a semi-synthetic fiber from trees. This fabric is popular in flowing summer-dresses and since we are heading into summer I believe it is a perfect piece to start with. This dress retails for $65.50USD, but at the time of this writing, the site has it marked down to $50.99USD. 
Poppy Apparel review: Dress hanging on hangerPoppy Apparel review: Dress fit sitting down

Poppy Apparel review: Arrival

Based on this first piece, I am content.  I love a lot of the items for sale on the site. I was worried they might not fit properly or that I would somehow be disappointed because it is a company I hadn’t used before.

Poppy Apparel review: The dress

Thankfully this dress did not disappoint in the slightest. It is beautiful for the beach, an outdoor party, drinks on the patio or a number of other summer occasions. It is flirty and feminine with the floral print, flowy fabric, and beautifully cut. I love how the off the shoulder style fits (it is comfortable to wear throughout the day) and how the dress exposes just a little bit of skin on the shoulders and then again on the leg when you walk quickly or if you are sitting down. There is enough fabric on the skirt that I don’t think you need to worry about having a clothing malfunction. 

Poppy Apparel review: Delivery

The shipment took eight business days to arrive. Even though the company’s website says they are based in Baltimore, the package is from China. It arrived surprisingly quickly for having to travel so far. 
Poppy Apparel review: Dress in packagingPoppy Apparel review: Outside package upon delivery
Poppy Apparel review: Flowy skirt of dress





Poppy Apparel review: Fabric

The dress is beautiful and just as I was hoping it would be from the images on the site.  The fabric feels the same as any other rayon pieces I have worn. Though it is very light, it is loose-fitting and does not seem to be see-through. The fabric is nice and thin, which is perfect for summer. The first time I wore the dress, it received a few compliments. I also found that it is extremely fun to wear. The skirt is a wrap-style and as you walk the bottom flows out behind you exposing some leg, which doesn’t tend to show the rest of the time you wear it.

Poppy Apparel review: Fit

 I wasn’t sure about the sizing on the site so after reading a couple of charts that I came across in the images for different pieces I decided to play it safe and stick with a medium. I usually am a small or medium depending on the brand. I would say it fits true to size. From the way the medium is a bit big in spots, I do think it would fit fine if I had ordered small. The only concern I would have is the sleeves because they fit a little bit more tightly than the rest of the dress so that is something to keep in mind if you are trying to sort out sizing.
Poppy Apparel review: Dress fit sitting by the riverPoppy Apparel review: close-up of fabric
I am excited to try out another piece that Poppy Apparel has to offer and see what it is like. Have you ever had the horrifying experience of excitedly ordering something online and waiting weeks for it to not show up? Because of that happening a couple of times in this household, I am a bit wary of new companies. Thankfully that did not happen in this case. If you are in the market for something new this summer, Poppy Apparel is a good site to check out.

Styled with:

The shoes in these photos are from Spring Shoes. I posted about them last week, but sadly they are no longer on sale. They are beautiful though and a great option if you are looking for some sandals with heels this summer.

The bag in these photos is from a local boutique named The Art of Home. My sister gave it to me for Christmas and I love it! It is wonderful for trips to the Farmer’s market or grocery store and we tend to take it everywhere as the “stuff carrier.” I know most of you don’t live around here so I checked Amazon and they have a vast selection of straw totes as options that would likely work the same. 

Poppy Apparel review: Dress styled with sandals and tote


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