Pur Cosmetics Blending Sponges Review

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Are you looking for a blending sponge similar to the Beauty Blender, but hoping for a lower price tag? The Pur Cosmetics Blending Sponges may be for you. It is definitely not a dupe, however, the sponge leaves you with a very similar finish to that of a Beauty Blender. I would say that if you are used to using a Beauty Blender, you will find that the Pur Cosmetics sponge feels much denser even after you wet it. It is difficult to appreciate the change in texture at first. Once you use it a few times, you may find you love it just as much.

I received this trio in Boxycharm one month. There have been a couple of posts made on this blog about that subscription box if you are interested in learning more.

Pur Cosmetics Blending Sponges blue, yellow, pink in packaging

Pur Cosmetics Blending Sponges: Appearance

Aside from the beautiful bright colours, the Pur sponges have a unique shape. One edge is round to blend in foundation and concealer.  They also have a flat side to make precise application effortless.

Pur Cosmetics Blending Sponges closeup of tinted moisturizer on sponge

Pur Cosmetics Blending Sponges: Density

The first time I used one of these sponges, it felt stiff to me. I have been using a Beauty Blender for years, though. Once I was comfortable with the density of the new sponge and the different feel while applying products, it was easy to see that using the Pur Cosmetics blending sponge with my go-to products resulted in a very similar finish.

Pur Cosmetics Blending Sponges finished look after sponges have applied makeup

Pur Cosmetics Blending Sponges: Price

One of the main factors the Pur Cosmetics Blending Sponges wins on is the price point. Each sponge retails for $12USD, which is $8USD less than a Beauty Blender. That is a significant difference when you consider how often you might need to repurchase a make-up sponge.

Pur Cosmetics Blending Sponges blue sponge being used to apply make-upPur Cosmetics Blending Sponges blue sponge with foundation on it

Some other users had trouble with the Pur Cosmetics Blending Sponges tearing easily during washing. I am not sure if there was a batch of them that had imperfections, but I have not yet had any troubles with my sponge (whew). I am always extremely careful with it after reading that some consumers have found it to be delicate.

Pur Cosmetics Blending Sponges pink, blue, yellow resting on flat edges

The brightly coloured trio featured in this quick review came in a Boxycharm box a few months ago. The set retails for $36USD, which is the equivalent of $12 a sponge directly from the Pur Cosmetics website.

Pur Cosmetics Blending Sponges blue one resting on flat edge on the table

Pur Cosmetics Blending Sponges: Overall

While the Pur Cosmetics Blending Sponges are not a dupe for the Beauty Blender, it is a good idea to try them.  They are perfect if you have been searching for a new make-up sponge to use without the higher price tag. The Beauty Blender is a wonderfully handy sponge. As mentioned above, is a bit more expensive and provides a comparable finish.

Have you had the chance to try out the Pur Cosmetics Blending Sponges? If so, let us know what you think! Are there other sponges on the market that work the same as a Beauty Blender, but have a price-point closer to Pur Cosmetics?

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