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Hi Everyone,
And a Happy Mothers’ day to those of you who are Mothers! I hope everyone is out celebrating this important day in a special way. A couple of things happened this week that left me thinking maybe a blog post wont go up this week, but here we are and I am quite happy about it. This one is about a pair of old Chuck Taylor’s by Converse. They are orange. Bright orange. I have had them for about 6 years now, but they are such a classic that the same style is still for sale (and I LOVE that). I love that if my old pair wore out from over-use it would actually be possible to replace them with a pair of the same style (even if a different shade).  For some reason that gives me a great sense of comfort. It looks like this exact colour might be tough to find currently, but there are so many other beautiful colour options that I am not the least bit bothered.

It is common today for pieces to come out nonstop, which for fashion-lovers makes sense, but aside from the environmental impacts this can have another big downside is that when you find something you like you might need to run back out and purchase extras and backups for those extras so that if the time comes when yours is worn out or gets lost you have another. I find a lot of the clothes I own currently are available for one season only and after that it is next to impossible to find them again. Am I the only one this frustrates? I wonder if I am the only person with two (maybe three) of the same black tank-top hanging on hangers next to each other because when I found a simple one that worked I knew there might not be a chance to pick it up again. How crazy is it that even simple basic pieces we rely on for layering and not much else change from year to year and season to season? It makes me nostalgic for days when companies created many of the same reliable pieces year after year. Maybe that is part of the reason I still love these shoes.

I think more importantly, they are a colourful way to add a “menswear” look into your wardrobe. The multitude of shade options make the shoes whatever the consumer wants them to be. Personally, I love the mixture of bright and feminine colours with a piece that is often worn by men. These shoes are comfortable and versatile. they are great to wear with shorts, dresses, jeans skirts. They are perfect for a casual weekend look that lets you move around and get stuff done. The shoes are also add a playful pop of colour to outfits that might otherwise be seen as functional only.

Earlier this week, my Instagram page was featured- along with a few other Instagram influencers- by a fashion blog called Lookvine.  It was an interesting piece on women who like to wear comfortable clothes and after reading it, I knew I had to pull these classic comfortable shoes out of my closet and dust them off. I took them for a spin yesterday and am so happy that I have held on to them all these years. They are a little dirty, but otherwise still in pretty good condition. While they aren’t likely appropriate for your everyday oofficelook, they are perfect for almost every weekend occasion. Yesterday I paired them with a bodycon sweater dress from Forever 21. This exact one is no longer for sale from what I can tell, but there are a number of options that look like they would be a similar fit. It was a bit chilly outside, so I was happy to have the long sleeves and knitted fabric. I also wore a large Men’s dress-shirt from H&M tied around my waist. Overall, it was an outfit that looked effortless and was easy and comfortable to wear. Because of the Men’s shirt, it looked like more thought went into it and I had an extra layer to put on and tied the bottom of it around my waist when the cold wind picked up.

I am going to end this post here, but I just wanted to sit down and do a quick Converse tribute post today. Converse, I like what you are doing! I am waiting for my May Boxycharm to arrive in the mail (I think it will be here tomorrow). When it does I am going to post about that as well. In the meantime, what are some classic pieces you have in your wardrobe that you return to time and time again? Can you still find them for sale these days? Are there any pieces you loved, but can no longer find and are currently missing?

And back to Mother’s Day, I want to end this post with a picture of some beautiful flowers just for you! They are some blossoms from the Pear Tree in my front yard. Hopefully, the images will be up on Shutterstock soon if you want to see more.


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