Reusable Tools for Eating on the Run

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A little over a week ago, we shared a post for any smoothie or straw lovers who also want to take care of our planet. The post talked about the harm of plastics. It offered reusable straws as a solution to help reduce everyday waste. In this post about reusable tools for eating on the run, we share some really cool inventions that we have since come across. When I say we came across them, I mean my wonderfully thoughtful sisters searched them out for Christmas gifts for us. We celebrated Christmas a little bit late this year as a family because of some unpleasant sickness that was going around. I was so excited to receive these products and have been carrying some of them around in my purse waiting for the moment they will save the day. Or at least my lunch.

Reusable Tools for Eating on the Run: Foldable Metal Straws

Yep! I wrote it. Can you believe that a couple of weeks ago we went through the A&W drive through, discovered they swapped harmful plastic straws for paper ones, and Nick and I had a discussion? The discussion went something like this:

Nick: “Oh paper straws! This is so good.”

Me: “Oh no! It is going to get so soggy.”

Nick: “Really? It is better for the environment.”

Me: “I know. We should have brought our metal straws. Actually, we should package metal straws in a case and carry them everywhere with us.”

Nick: “I don’t know about that.”

Low and behold only a couple of weeks later, there we were: bewildered with a foldable metal straw between us. Someone came up with the brilliant idea first. I was so ecstatic to discover that such a product actually exists. If you look on Amazon, it appears a number of people have already come up with the same brilliant idea. The one below came from the Showcase store. As a side note, I have never been in there, but now believe I need to check it out.

This particular straw has metal pieces that fit together with a silicone straw inside the metal one. it comes with a small case and a long brush to clean it. It is as simple as that. The tiny case doesn’t take up much space so it is perfect to carry around in case of a fast food emergency. I really love how bright this case is because it is so easy to find in the depths of a dark purse.

Reusable Tools for Eating on the Run: Purse Cutlery

When you were a kid taking lunches to school, did you ever have one of those sandwich containers that had a special compartment for cutlery? I remember having a few of them off an on over the years. It seems funny all the ways in which we return to our roots throughout our lives. If you are curious what I am talking about, this link might be a nostalgic reminder. The plastic sandwich container basically had a little indent in the lid and came with some plastic cutlery perfect for eating your elementary school lunch. I never had a cute pink one that I can remember, however. The set below was given to me by one of my other sisters. It is a cutlery only set, and is also the perfect size to keep in your bag. 

This handy little set comes with a fork, spoon, knife, and chopsticks. They also have a couple of handles, which when you attach them make the utensils full length. The utensils are awesome for lunch on the go, rather than thoughtlessly picking up one time use white ones. I believe these also came from the Showcase store. There are a number of sets available on Amazon as well. Some also come with reusable metal straws.

Reusable Tools for Eating on the Run: Sandwich and Snack Bags

Are you a cracker or raw veggie-stick fiend like I am? Come join us snackers on the dark side! I have a number of glass containers, but get tired of lugging them around with me all day. These little bags are a nice alternative. They are lightweight and fit into small spaces. Most of them come with unique designs to add interest and brighten your day. They are awesome to toss snacks in so you don’t get hungry when you are away from home. 

You do need to hand wash them, but how much mess can you make in a tiny little snack bag? This version of reusable sandwich and snack bags is heavy duty. They feel like they will last a decent amount of time and save numerous ziplock bags. I have to say. I am in love! Endless options for these sorts of bags exist on Amazon. They often have really cool artwork or images on them and while they might seem more expensive than your throw-away plastic bags, they should last long enough to make them worth the price.

What do you like to carry with you in an effort to be more eco-friendly? Are you going to try any of the products outlined here? It is amazing what kind of change we an influence just by making effortless changes to our everyday routines and sharing them with others!

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