Snake-Print Loafers Anyone can Pull Off Effortlessly

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A few weeks ago, we discussed a prominent trend for Autumn 2018: animal print. It has been everywhere in various forms from runways to city streets. If you feel like the trend is too bold for you to adopt as part of your wardrobe, there are numerous pieces around that encourage you to treat them more like basics. These are snake-print loafers anyone can pull off! As you would expect to see, very bold statement animal print pieces are also still roaming the streets and waiting on shelves in stores. These range from full-on dresses to long jackets and bright patterned sweaters or statement trousers that can help you pull off the look in an obvious manner.

close-up shot of snake-print loafers anyone can pull off outside exploring

The Animal Print Trend

With animal print’s long history, it was inevitable that the trend would become so popular once again. Now, more than ever, there seem to be lots of ways to participate. The easiest way to make these prints part of your day to day wardrobe is by incorporating them as accessories. The print can be found on handbags, scarves, hair accessories, and quite attractively, on footwear.  I, personally, have been watching for a unique pair of shoes to add to my collection. A pair of snake-print loafers that anyone can pull off if you will.  Aren’t these ones lovely?

Flat lay of snake-print loafers anyone can pull off

Snake-print Loafers Anyone can Effortlessly Pull Off

This pair of snake-print fabric-upper loafers, called Gisella from Naturalizer, is a beautiful addition to any everyday shoe rotation that is extremely effortless to pull off. I appreciate that they are fabric, rather than leather or suede. They are also available in a wide fit, which is exactly what I need. I think the fact that this company is known for mainly comfortable and sensible shoe choices is an extra bonus here because the print is desirably understated. It is an ideal way for you to add wild animal patterns subtly into your daily style. The neutral tones act so much like basics, but the pattern and gold accents allow the shoes to become the center of attention when you let them.

Flat lay of snake print loafers with white jeans, neutral sweater and tote
The sweater featured in this post is from Roots. This wonderful vegan leather tote is by Pixie Mood. The jeans are Levis

The Fit

These loafers are currently on sale for $49.99 CAD, down from $109 CAD. I ordered them in 8W and they fit Wonderfully. Usually, I am size 8-9, depending on the width of the shoe, so I would say they fit true to size.

close up of snake-print loafers on feet from ankle down

How to Style Them

The soft upper fabric of the loafer follows the contours of your feet ensuring they are comfortable. The Gisella loafers in mauve snake pint are easy to wear as part of a casual outfit for hours on end. They also look great dressed up with a professional outfit or even a comfortable alternative for an evening out. As mentioned, these are snake-print loafers that anyone can pull off. My favourite way to rock these shoes so far is ultra-casually with white Levis and a neutral sweater (yes, Labour day has passed. These jeans cause me not to worry about it much).

Flat lay of snake-print loafers with white Levis Jeans and neutral Roots sweater

Availability and Shipping

These shoes by Naturalizer are available from a number stores from Hudson’s Bay to Nordstrom to Naturalizer, itself. I ordered my pair directly from the Naturalizer site to receive the significant discount mentioned above. They arrived in just under a week in pristine condition.

snake-print loafers anyone can pull off outside styled with white jeans, sweater and Pixie Mood tote


The heel is 3/4″. In combination with the flexible fabric upper, this means they are very easy to walk in for long periods of time. They are perfect for taking with you on nearly any fall adventure. Because they are loafers, they do not protect your feet on a wet day or in wet grass. With that said, when the sun is shining and the ground is dry, these shoes are a definite staple this season.

Snake-print loafers anyone can pull off outside styled with white jeans and sweaterWhat is your favourite way to wear animal print? Is there a pair of shoes that you get away with wearing as both a basic and a statement piece? Is this a trend you have decided to try? Maybe you have always been a fan of this print and you have some old reliables in your wardrobe already? Snake-Print loafers anyone can pull off in box after shipping

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