Spring Emerald Green Cropped Pants Styled 5 Ways

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Pastel colours have been everywhere the past few weeks. My Instagram and YouTube feeds are full of these soft, muted and perfect for spring tones. With the weather we have been getting, these colours add a wearable cheeriness to the cold grey early spring days we have seen a lot this year. They paint a picture of a society looking hopefully forward to warmer sunny days. Pastel pieces subtly sneaked into our social media feeds amongst our tall boots, long pants, and oversize coats. Even though our wardrobes are eager for the new season to arrive, the weather has been keeping us in cold weather gear most days.

While bundled up in my knitted pale pink RW and Co sweater online shopping for a new swimsuit from Aerie one afternoon, I discovered a pair of stunning green wide leg pants from Dynamite. They were initially sold for $44.95 CAD but were marked down to $30 CAD. “Emerald City,” is the perfect colour name for these pants. The people who named them definitely knew what they were doing. My mind drifted off nostalgically to a magical place of childhood memories related to the Wizard of Oz. After staring at the screen for a moment, I closed the window in a swift movement while convincing my brain to forget about them.

A couple of hours later while the wind roared outside the window, my fingers idly pushed some buttons on the mouse and keyboard and once again I was staring at those pants wondering how they might fit into my life. They aren’t pastel at all. They are almost a shocking bright green colour, which makes them stand out. These pants aren’t a basic staple like so many pieces in my closet, yet they spoke to me. Like those bright blue Zara Sock boots I spoke about in mu first post, they would be the focus of any outfit and would fit well with the rest of the pieces I own. If they were part of the decor in a house, they would be a “conversation piece.” A couple of days later they were on their way to my house. Outfit after cheery outfit featuring these pants flooded my mind. Paired with most of the basic pieces in my closet, these outfits would be decidedly spring when the weather outside was definitely not.

The pants arrived and the fabric felt thicker than anticipated. I had imagined they would be thin and move breezily, but after an initial surprise, I was content with the fabric because they felt like they are warm despite their cropped design. The cut and fabric are perfect for leaving the cold behind and heading towards warmer days. The built-in belt would make styling them so easy. On a somewhat unrelated note, does anyone have any suggestions for a Vegan-friendly sturdy belt? I am searching for a good one. The main concern remaining was what sort of shoes I would wear that would look natural with the cropped length. As it turned out, finding shoes from my collection wouldn’t be an issue at all. These pants are stunning as I had hoped. I cannot help but wonder where are the pockets? With that said, I don’t find I miss them that much throughout the day. The design of them leaves me with such feelings that I can overlook the lack-of-pocket situation.

Below are the outfits in which I decided to feature these stunning pants.

Outfit #1

The first outfit is perfect for throwing on on a day off and because of the pants you look effortlessly put together. These Vans are extremely comfortable and easy to throw on with many an outfit. They work with both casual and dressier outfits. The jacket is a polyester leather-look style by the brand Sound and Matter. It is a beautiful staple in my wardrobe, but I cannot find it for sale currently, but any leather or faux-leather biker jacket would have a similar effect.
Below the jacket, I wore a casual pale green bodysuit from American Eagle. I wanted something form-fitting because the pants fit a little bit more loosely. They fit true to size. I ordered a size small and while they are a little bit loose, an extra small would be too tight.
The pants are a flattering length and perfect for spring. I am 5’8″ so they are likely a bit longer on most people. They are wonderful in transitional weather where you definitely don’t want to wear shorts, but still let a bit of fresh air get to your legs as the temperatures warm. At first, the thicker fabric was unexpected, but it has been great to wear on colder days as well. The pants are extremely comfortable. they don’t slide around or expand as you wear them through the day. The fact they are flexible means you can easily move around and be active, while still looking fashionable.

Outfit #2

The second outfit is a bit dressier. These pants are a natural go to for a less casual style. The boots are black knee-highs from Aldo. They have a chunky heel so they are comfortable while assisting the outfit in becoming even dressier. Wearing boots that cling to the leg with these wide-leg pants make them versatile for very cold days and gives the outfit a sophisticated look.

For the top I chose a transparent loose-fitting cream top from Suzy Shier layered over another form-fitting pale bodysuit. The cream top has a wrap-effect with a tie front. I searched for it on the Suzy website but didn’t have any luck finding it. What I like about this top paired with the pants is that it is loose-fitting so it doesn’t show everything off, but because of the layers it looks very stylish and floaty.

Outfit #3

Here I used another light top (again from Suzy Shier), but the fit is very different. It is cropped and works well with the pants because they are higher-rise. The top is more fitted than the previous outfit, but because of the fit of the pants, it is still office-appropriate and very comfortable. This shirt was nice to tuck in at the front because there was less fabric and tucking it in accentuates the detail of the pants.

The shoes with this outfit are a bright pair of patterned purple backless loafers from Spring Shoes. Typically I wouldn’t pair green and purple together, but with the legs separating the pants and shoes, it works beautifully. It is a combination people notice and compliment as you run into them and I love how it makes me feel heading into Spring.  The shoes here are another pair I love and they are a pretty similar style (though not pattern or colour). These ones, also from Spring Shoes, are a similar colour/pattern.

Outfit #4

The fourth outfit is one that would be ideal for an evening out or would work in an office with just a change of some shoes. The shirt is a black printed wrap peplum top from Dynamite.  It is lower cut, which works for a big night out, but can also be worn in the office with a camisole underneath. The fabric this shirt is made from is flowy and soft, but the snap closure on mine has popped open a time or two so you do need to be careful. Perhaps mine is a little bit too tight in the top part. I like the peplum detail and the long sleeves help you stay warm on a chilly spring day.

The shoes I styled with this outfit are much more glamorous than shoes in the other looks and work perfectly in combination with the trousers for date night. They are about 3.5-4″ high and have metallic details on the chunky heel. They are fairly comfortable because of the shape of the heel. They are also from Spring Shoes. I picked them up last fall to wear as “Best Man” at a friend’s wedding. It was a beautiful day if you were curious and I was honoured to be part of their special day!

Outfit #5

This outfit was styled with that same simple pastel green bodysuit from outfit number one and a top from Forever 21 that I picked up years ago (probably about 9 years ago now I think). As hit or miss as the quality of inexpensive fast fashion items can be, this is one that looks the same today as it did at least nine years ago. It is made of a sweatshirt fabric, but has a snap closure at the front and short sleeves. It is one I like to wear in the warmer weather to conceal a smaller top layered underneath. Like most of the other tops featured here, this one is great to wear with almost anything on the bottom.

The shoes are a pair my sister gave me a few weeks ago from Wal-Mart (I believe). I tried them on when she offered them and could not believe how comfortable they are. Upon first having them on my feet I felt like I could walk for miles and not get a blister. They are from the George brand, but I am not sure if you can still find them. She picked them up in store one day. They match nicely with the trousers because they seem to be comfortable somewhere between casual and dressy, much like the pants. They seem to be sandals, but also more covered like a full shoe. I am still not sure what to make of these ones, but they seem to work pretty well with a lot of outfits and I know they can take my feet wherever they need to go (except maybe a snowstorm in the winter, but I don’t think my feet actually want to go there anyway)

Outfit #6

This last outfit is one of my favourites. Like the one we started with, it is great for a day off. If you throw a simple shirt and some flats on with these trousers the trousers automatically elevate the look. The cut, length and details of these pants are ideal for such a stylish piece. Because they stand out, they are easy to throw on with most basics you already have.

This look was styled using a basic t-shirt with lacing on the chest from American Eagle and a simple pair of black velvet-feel flats. The flats also have a metallic detail on the heel and are extremely comfortable, which enables you to move around. I also threw on a white blazer to make it less casual and more business-appropriate. The blazer over a t-shirt look is another effortlessly cool style I tend to lean towards. This blazer fits oversized, which I love, and the colour is wonderful heading into summer.
As I was writing this, I wondered what statement pieces you guys have that you love to use for multiple things. What do you have that is bold and makes you feel instantly styled when you put it on? I would love to hear from you! I supposed this is farewell until next week… I wish you all the wonderful feelings and great finds.
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