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The first post we did about the Douglas was a couple of months ago, as you might remember. Our first post was an introduction to the mattress, detailing The Douglas’ reduced carbon footprint, construction, and cost. We took some time getting acquainted with the mattress so we can share our thoughts with you. At the end of this post, you will find a discount code as well as a chance to win The Douglas Mattress.

The Douglas Mattress: Delivery and Packaging

Delivery was seamless. I went to work about five days after placing the order for a King size mattress and two of Douglas’ eco-friendly, comfortable foam pillows. When I arrived home that night, the boxes were stacked outside my house. Don’t worry, though. If you are nervous about leaving it outside, you can choose the signature required upon delivery option.

Douglas King Size Mattress in a Box

Moving the mattress box on my own was challenging. It is definitely better as a two-person job. Nick managed to carry the mattress box up the stairs on his own. Since the packaging is far from excessive, the mattress shifts around inside the box, changing the balance as you move. We definitely recommend getting help carrying the mattress box, at least for the King size. Having the mattress delivered so quickly after placing the order was a pleasant surprise since I read somewhere that each mattress is made after being ordered.

As already mentioned, the packaging is exactly the right amount. The mattress and pillows are vacuum-sealed in plastic (so they can fit in the box). It comes in recycled cardboard. It is minimalistic. There’s nothing excessive about it, adding to the Douglas’ environmental benefits.

Douglas Pillows in packaging

The First Night

When you start to free the mattress from the plastic packaging, it expands quickly so you need to move fast. As we struggled to get the expanding mattress on the bed, it expanded more and more. Within about 10-15 minutes, the mattress expands to its normal size. Before we could even get it in place, the dogs were vying to choose their spot on it.

Goldendoodle on Douglas Mattress

We went to bed about an hour after opening the mattress. The level of comfort it offers surprised us and we slept in a little longer the next morning. The pillows took much longer to expand to their full size than the mattress. I assume it is due to their outer washable layer. By the second night, they were just as comfortable as the mattress. Somehow I am lucky and have both of the new pillows on my side of the bed.

2 Goldendoodles on Douglas Mattress

Comfort and Bounce

The Douglas is so comfortable to sleep on that when we recently slept on a spring mattress during a weekend away, neither of us could adjust. Sleeping away from home is the only downside, I guess, to having a great mattress. You always compare the mattresses you borrow to the one you love. We fell in love with the idea of The Douglas because of its eco-friendly properties. When it arrived, it lived up to our optimistic expectations. It is the ideal firmness. Neither of us sinks into the mattress while sleeping so we don’t feel trapped. It is also great to reduce joint pain since there aren’t any pressure points when the mattress molds gently to your body.

Hand Pressing on Douglas Mattress

We don’t notice much bounce with this mattress. Our two large dogs woke us up often with the old mattress as they shuffled around in the night. The Douglas absorbs most of that movement now. Because of this, we are barely aware when the other occupants of the bed shift around. It definitely lends itself to a better night’s sleep.

The Douglas Mattress: Temperature and Cleaning

The Douglas also knows about temperature. The top layer of this mattress is a cooling gel, which combats the warmth that foam mattresses typically offer. Even in the heat of the summer with two very furry dogs close by, the temperature is comfortable.

Callie Laying across Douglas Mattress

We tend to wash our bedding fairly often. It is rare that we actually wash our mattress cover though. Having the option to wash the cover as well as the pillow covers is extremely convenient. This is especially helpful if (when) one of the dogs rolls on the bed with muddy paws (yes, that happens here). We have washed the mattress cover once and it came out great. After it dried, we stretched it back over the mattress with minimal effort. It looks and feels as good as new!

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Have you tried out The Douglas? can you see yourself ever switching back to a different mattress? What should we try next? Let us know your thoughts or if you have any questions!

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