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Last week, I had the delightful opportunity to talk with Renia, founder of Truth Belts. If you haven’t heard of Truth belts, you can find more information about why I purchased and fell in love with one a little over two years ago (my how time flies!) here. For a quick synopsis, Truth Belts are made-in-Canada vegan non-leather belts. Renia and I spoke about their new belt design on Kickstarter. This new belt is Truth Belts’ Belt of Orion. I’m writing to share our conversation with you and invite you to back Belt of Orions Kickstarter!

What is Truth Belts’ Belt of Orion?

It is a vegan belt built to last. Before discovering Truth Belts, I inadvertently destroyed countless non-leather belts, mainly due to holes ripping. Thanks to my beloved Albedo, I no longer have that issue. Renia mentioned that Truth Belts has been selling a style called The Slug for ten years, which has held up. She hopes that in another ten years, Truth Belts will have proof that they can last at least twenty years. Belt of Orion is similarly strong, and also has a nickel-free buckle for anyone with nickel allergies. Like The Slug, Belt of Orion is made from seatbelt webbing, which is used for a variety of applications such as horse reins and harnesses.

Truth Belts are Animal Friendly

This is how I discovered Truth Belts. Rather than being made of animals like traditional leather belts, these belts are constructed of human-made materials. They are kind to animals but, sadly, not recyclable. As Renia and I spoke about this, she explained two important things.

  • If these belts last, there is less waste. The hope is for people to wear these belts for years.
  • The second is if we want to improve human-made materials, we need to use them. In the climate we currently live, change is happening.

I think the best we can do is make ethical and empathetic decisions while we learn to move ahead. Supporting Truth Belts’ Belt of Orion is one way to support change.


The buckles on Belt of Orion are engraved with three important words: “Love,” “Light,” and “Truth.” When I asked Renia what they mean to her, she described them as three of the most beautiful words in the English language.

  • Love: We all need love, especially now.
  • Light: We are living in a time of enlightenment. Humans are seeing the shadow-side of ourselves and encouraging change.
  • Truth: There is truth in following our hearts and doing what we believe is right.

Listening to the importance of those words, and why they are on Truth Belts’ Belt of Orion buckles was one of my favourite parts of our conversation. I believe they are words that have the power to resonate with each of us.

Concealed inside each belt, is the clever label: “Genuine non-leather.”

Giving Back

When the Kickstarter campaign ends and Belt of Orion is on the market, Truth Belts hopes to work with One Tree Planted for every Belt of Orion sold.

Truth Belts’ Belt of Orion

In the Belt of Orion Kickstarter video, Renia tells a story of an archer in the sky. During our conversation, she mentioned the fascinating regularity with which the Orion constellation has appeared in her life over the past couple of months. I appreciate Renia’s practical explanation that she might just be noticing it more since the project is important to her. There is no stopping it though: the dreamer in me dares to believe that it could be a positive sign.

I want to always support companies encouraging change.

I am definitely going to support the Kickstarter for Belt of Orion and truly hope you decide to as well!

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