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A few posts ago, I asked if you knew of any great places to find sturdy animal-friendly belts. I wanted to let you all know that I found one in case you have been looking too! The company is called Truth Belts. They are a company based (and made) in Canada that makes earth and animal-friendly products. They use recycled materials where possible to create their belts and other accessories. The company has been around since 2001 and has a pretty inspiring story behind it, which can be found here if you are interested in reading it.

I have had a difficult time finding belts that last and are not made of genuine leather. In my experience, most end up working for a brief time before the holes tear and the belt starts to fall apart. I actually had one last year that only survived about three days (no joke). I realized after that I did not have any interest in purchasing belts that were going to just be thrown away in a few weeks and thought there had to be a way to actually wear belts in an environmentally friendly way. I think Truth Belts is the answer. They also ship anywhere in the world and have free shipping if you spend over $90. My package arrived on the second business day after ordering, which is very quickly. I do live about an hour from Toronto so that is something to keep in mind. If you live in other countries, you might receive your belt the most quickly if you order through Amazon because they do stock the belts at some Amazon warehouses.

The belt also arrived with minimal packaging, which is perfect. It came in just a box with a receipt and card that has some information about the company included.

Since the main thing I was concerned with while browsing the site was durability, I decided to purchase the Albedo style. It is made from recycled car tires, which is pretty cool and I assume it is very tough.


It is a unisex belt and is pretty understated, which is perfect for a staple piece. It means you can probably get away with wearing it on an everyday basis if you want.

The belt looks and feels pretty similar to genuine leather, but as is stamped on the inside, it is actually genuine nonleather (in case you wanted a reminder :). The only part that really tips me off to the belt’s true materials is the narrow top part when looking directly down onto it. It looks a little bit rougher than the rest of the belt and actually gives it a bit more of an edge.

This belt is perfect to wear for casual occasions (jeans and any sort of top) and would also work wonderfully with a more dressed up outfit if you are wearing pants and not a gown or fancy dress. To give a feminine dress more edge it is also beautiful around the waist for a more casual edgy look.

One of the other great things about Truth Belts is the variety of selection they have. There are more feminine options that would work perfectly with dresses or just to cinch in your waist in a baggier top. They also have an indestructible belts section of the site, which is perfect for anyone looking for a long-lasting high-quality aminal friendly option. Also, 1% of their proceeds are donated to organizations that help better the world.

Have you found any other animal-friendly belts that claim to be indestructible? If so, please let me know. I  would love to check them out!

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