Unicorn Eyewear (with Discount Code)

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I just wanted to stop by and give you a quick review of Unicorn Eyewear sunglasses.
If you haven’t been able to tell already, I wear sunglasses everywhere. Nick (my significant other) is always surprised if I don’t have them on and constantly comments on them when I do wear them.

Unicorn Eyewear Discount Code

When I was contacted by Unicorn Eyewear and offered a 20% off code for you guys, I thought why not try them out?  It is an affiliate code so keep that in mind if you decide to use it. The discount code for you to use for 20% off is CGunnLifestyle. I wasn’t sure how the ordering process would go from this site but thought if it is easy it could be a really great option for anyone looking for some stylish sunglasses to add to their collection. They offer free shipping worldwide and are fairly inexpensive.

Unicorn Eyewear Shades on face

Unicorn Eyewear: What I ordered

I ordered the Unicorn Eyewear  Classic Eyewear style in black and silver. They retail for $59USD. The glasses are sturdy and while they took a couple of weeks to arrive, the shipping was free. They offer a variety of sunglass styles to choose from, which is great for anyone like me who needs to wear them near-constantly. The site claims that all orders will arrive within 5-40 days of ordering depending on where you are located. It also says that for safety reasons all sales are final, though they do offer exchanges if something is not in good condition when it arrives. Overall, I think if you are in the market for some new sunglasses, there are great options here.

Unicorn Eyewear packaging



These ones are comfortable to wear and different from any other sunglasses I own. There are definitely more attention-grabbing sunglasses on the site though. I love to wear them because they are different. However, the earpieces on these ones are not attached quite correctly. If I am not extremely careful putting them on and taking them off they grab onto the hair by my ears.

Unicorn Eyewear packagingOverall

Otherwise, for the style of them, I would consider ordering them again. What is your favourite pair of sunglasses? Do you like to follow trends for the season? Do you have an old standby that you grab every time you head out the door? I am always in the market for a new pair since there is a tendency to leave them all in the same place. That place seems to never be where I am when I need them. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I am heading to a beautiful local swimming spot to celebrate the warm weather the best way I know how: in a swimsuit with bit shades and an even bigger hat!

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