We tried the Beyond Meat Burger from A&W

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Hello there, and welcome back to another post! We tried the Beyond Meat Burger at A&W and needed to stop in and tell you about it.

Outside of A&W

We tried the Beyond Meat Burger: What is it?

I am sure if you live here in Canada, you have already heard that A&W now offers the Beyond Meat Burger. If you don’t already know what this patty is about, it is a plant-based burger that boasts of meat-like taste. As a new Vegetarian last year, I would have loved the easy access to a meal like this! Now that I am more used to cooking vegetarian meals at home and searching out places that have lots of options to eat out, it is less of a necessity in my mind, but still pretty exciting.

We tried the Beyond Meat Burger: Burger and Fries in a take away bag

We tried the Beyond Meat Burger: Publicity and Hype

A couple of weeks before A&W launched the burger on their menu, there were news articles about it coming. It was launched with a bang! While I don’t often pay much attention to the fast-food news, this was a product I anxiously awaited. See, on the two-hour drive to my parent’s farm, there are very few options for places to stop for a quick meal. A&W is one of those options and is perfectly located at the halfway point. Plus I have always loved their fries. Like many fast-food chains, we have sort of avoided it since becoming vegetarian, though. This is mostly because the options for people who choose not to eat meat are… er were…  very minimal.

We tried the Beyond Meat Burger Burger and fries on a dish

We tried the Beyond Meat Burger: Availability

The Beyond Meat burger has been available in grocery stores in the States for a while, but I have yet to find them in stores in Canada. The burger has beet juice in it so it looks more like a regular beef burger when cooking. It boasts that even meat-eaters are quite happy to eat this patty. While we were out of town a couple of weekends ago, Nick and I decided to try this burger.

We tried the Beyond Meat Burger. Burger and fries with rootbeer

We tried the Beyond Meat Burger: Flavour

We ordered it with all the regular toppings plus cheese (we are not fully vegan). If I was unaware that this was a plant-based burger, I would not be able to guess its ingredients. The packaging clearly labels it as a Beyond Meat patty, which made me feel more comfortable during the first bites because from what I remember about the way beef burgers from A&W taste, this one could easily have been one. It was delicious and just tasted like a burger from A&W. I nearly forgot with every bite that it was a veggie burger. It also wasn’t at all like some other fast-food veggie burgers that attempt to taste like meat, but just aren’t successful. This one could easily have fooled me.

We tried the Beyond Meat Burger. Burger and fries in dish without packaging

The only real indication that it is made completely from plants is the inside of the patty itself, after a couple of bites. It looks like it is made from something other than beef (thankfully). As I mentioned above, now that I am used to eating vegetarian meals, I don’t search out products to replace meat. I no longer base my meals around meat-like things. I just don’t feel the desire to eat it anymore. That is the only reason I was even a bit hesitant to try this burger.


Not just for People who don’t Eat Meat

So many things, starting with curiosity and ending with convenience while away from home, encouraged me to try it. I am so glad I did. The flavour is something I can imagine meat-eaters enjoying as well as maybe it will give them some more options. Overall, I think this burger is a win in the taste category and we will definitely be enjoying it again. It is actually quite good without the cheese as well. Yes, I have tried it since the first time without cheese and did not really miss it.

We tried the Beyond Meat Burger. Close-up of patty


A&W does not seem to be marketing this as a healthy burger. On the Beyond Meat website, it says the burgers are Gluten, Soy, and GMO-free. It also says there are 20grams of plant-based protein (mostly from peas) in a serving. That sounds pretty healthy, right? When you look at the ingredients list, though, the burgers do also contain canola oil, refined coconut oil. Each burger contains 5grams of saturated fat.

The Beyond Meat Burger sold at A&W is 500 calories, 29g of fat and 22g of protein. It sounds like these burgers may not be the healthiest meat alternative. To be honest, I love what they are doing. The Beyond Meat Burger company is offering people an alternative to meat that still tastes delicious and to me, that is a step in the right direction for any company. Both Nick and I are ecstatic that A&W offers this burger in Canada because it is now very accessible, delicious and makes it even easier for us to stick to our veggie diet while we are away from home.

We would like to hear your thoughts

Have you had a chance to try this burger? I would love to hear what your thoughts are. If you usually eat meat, I look forward to hearing your thoughts especially as my memory of what A&W beef burgers taste like might be a little foggy. From what I remember, though, these are a delicious A&W beef burger alternative! If you heard they ran out, and you were not able to try one, they are back!

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